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President's Message for January 2020

Thanks to all our club members for a wonderful and memorable year! The board
had a great time hosting the rest of the club at Pala, and we hope everyone enjoyed
the raffle, and that our coffers were full enough to allow us to afford donating to the
USO, Red Cross and Neuter Scooter/SNAP organizations for all they do for our
communities. I know Linda and I are looking forward to seeing a bunch of folks in
Quartzsite, and also at Hemet for the CalWIT meet.

It’s also (always) that time to start planning those more extensive trips – when we
can better take advantage of the travel range of our RVs? How far can we
go….maybe to the Grand National Rally next year?!? Where else?
Making sure you can make those long trips with a minimum of disruptions is key –
make sure you give your rig a good checkup and shakedown before making a long
trip – make sure your fluids are topped off, and changed at appropriate intervals.
You’ll need good brakes, so ensure your brakes are professionally checked at least
annually. And make sure you run things in your rig occasionally to make sure all the
“options” work, appropriately.

I hope this newsletter finds you, your family & friends well and ready to travel in the
new year! Tell someone how much they mean in your life! We look forward to seeing
everyone soon ~ in the meantime, happy trails!

Thanks, Dan


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