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San Diego Rolling Homes

February 2022


January 19-23 was the CalWIT rally at Golden Village Palms (GVP) in Hemet. This year SDRH had 4 rigs participate in the event (Brownes, Randalls, Bridges and Hunts). Bruce is the CalWIT Vice President and had a major role in planning and running the rally. It was a big success.

There was lots to do including contests for bean bag baseball and shuffleboard, several lectures by outside speakers and a good workshop held by Bruce, a rock painting craft project led by yours truly, morning group walks, and lots of good food. Every rig got a raffle prize.

On Saturday night, GVP had a Dueling Pianos music event which was terrific. The event was a great way to meet folks from other clubs and make new friends. One standout for me was a very sweet 91 year old lady who drove her own rig and was parked beside us. I highly encourage you to attend a future CalWIT rally.
- Sue


Hard to imagine that long, long ago there were adventurous people that wanted to enjoy life to the fullest and be mobile - free as the wind! Have you ever thought how basic the motorhomes of that time were. Our club has stood the test of time with hundreds of members during the fifty years.

Members since 2011

Bruce and Jolaine Browne have given countless hours of service to San Die-go Rolling Homes over the past ten years. Bruce was our club President for three years and is currently Vice President of CalWIT.

Although Bruce was raised in San Diego and Jolaine in New York, they were destined to meet at an airline party in San Diego and marry 34 years ago. Jolaine worked for 15 years in data entry for American Airlines and PSA, and Bruce worked in ground operations for 35 years at Southwest. Airline em-ployment was ideal for the Browne's and continues to provide worldwide travel benefits. Since Bruce’s retire-ment in 2018, they are enjoying both air and RV travel. At home, they have an outdoor model railroad and enjoy the Cooking Channel, learning to make beer, wine, ice cream and other creative dishes. They are the proud parents of one son and one grandson.