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President’s Message

I will again brag again about the wonderful members of the Lone Cypress Winnitascans. We had our annual Holiday party at Casa De Fruta in Hollister Ca. It is so much fun gathering as a Club. We enjoyed each other’s company and ate some outstanding meals. We were very fortunate that the rains held off until Saturday night. One of the highlights for me was the induction of the Club Officers. Dick Horton did a fantastic job of not only swearing in the Officers, but he also did a recap of some of the members who go above and beyond in assisting this Club run so smoothly.

*Jessie Herr, and her Proof Reader, John Beeley do our Newsletters...YAY.

*Betty Rausch sends out get well cards, and keeps us informed of those in need of prayers, and attention.

* Pete Loeser keeps our award winning Web Site up to date, and posts many photos of our outings... Thanks to Pete, and our photographer Jerry Brick.

* Bob Swanson does such an amazing job on Tech Talk. This is a time that we all share repairs, new products, or anything that may be of interest for our fellow RV owners.

Dick also reminded the Club of the responsibility to support the Officers that they had elected to run the Club.

After our catered dinner, we did our gift exchange. The gift exchange was combined with a donation to charities of the members choice. (I love the generosity of our club). A special THANK YOU goes out to Phil Hayden for his service as Vice President of our club for the last couple of years. I would like to welcome Cliff Austin as the new club Vice President.

Please look at our Web Site to find a list of outings for the 2020 Club Activities. We are looking for Wagon Masters for a few of the Outings, so please consider taking on the challenge. There are always members offering to help. Please contact any of the Officers if you are interested.

Merry Christmas to all, and Safe Travels.

Larry Leavitt


Lone Cypress Winnitascans


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