CA: Lone Cypress Winnitascans

President’s Message

Hello Fellow RVers,

I just got home from another OUTSTANDING LCW Outing. We had a fantastic time at Yanks RV Park in Greenfield, CA. Our club arrived on Thursday, and after happy hour, we all met up at a local Pizza parlor for dinner. Friday morning breakfast was Doughnuts, Bagels, and English Muffins along with some fruit.  One of my favorite items followed breakfast...TECH TALK! Bob Swanson does an incredible job hosting this forum of RV and handy knowledge. Our Club then held an auction of donated goods, and raised $660.00. After adding a few $$$ to round out the total, the Club voted to donate $500.00 each to two separate charities. The Bill Wilson Center of Santa Clara, and Fisher House Foundation are the recipients of these funds.

Friday night's dinner was a salad pot luck, YUMMY. We had birthday cake for dessert, as it was Nancy Ashe's birthday. Saturday morning started out with scrambled eggs, bacon, and a hashbrown casserole **that was cheesy and delicious. Following breakfast was our Club meeting, then rest for the evening festivities. Dinner was pork tenderloin, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh, I forgot the fresh brownies and ice cream. (are you getting hungry from reading this?) After Saturday Nights Dinner, we opened wrapped gifts that our Club donates, along with canned foods, to Shepherds Gate in Livermore, CA. It makes me so proud of our generous Club members to come together and GIVE BACK to less fortunate people. Thanks go out to the Cabral's, Hayden's, Silva's, and Bob Swanson for hosting a most excellent weekend event.

Next year, we have reserved November 12-15 to return to Yanks, and are looking for a few people to be Wagon Masters for this outing. Please take the time to look at our website for the latest information on outings and plans for the 2020 New Year.

Safe Travels
Larry Leavitt
President, Lone Cypress Winnitascans


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