CA: Hi-Desert Rig Runners

Wagon-Masters Report
HDRR Outing November 11-15
Boulder Creek RV Resort, Lone Pine, CA

Wagon Masters- Joe & Sherrie Martineau and Bob& Paula Gorges

What a turn out! All 14 members + 2 guests arrived one day early on Sunday November 10th to a lovely picturesque campground riddled with beautiful fall colored trees and scenic mountain ridges. Attendees included: Greg and Karla Bechner, Lorraine Brockway, Randy Child and his lovely daughter Summerly Nava and granddaughter Raven, Connie Crouse and Doc Vega, Bob and Paula Gorges, Darrell and Barbara Gury, Joe and Sherrie Martineau and Greg and Nancy Walczynski. After socializing for a couple hours we all enjoyed dinner at the Mt. Whitney Café.

On Monday, several members enjoyed the free coffee and muffins provided daily by Boulder Creek Campground. At 10:00am we left for Manazanar visitor center where we watched a 22 minute video chronicling the journey of the Japanese who were incarcerated during WWII after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Onsite you can find reconstructed buildings depicting how life was for Japanese people who were relocated in this one of ten sites across the United States. We followed this up with a driving tour of where just part of the 640 acre fenced parcel had been developed by the inhabitants. A beautiful bridge, garden areas and a cemetery memorial were just part of what we encountered as we relived the lives of these 10,000 people who had lived there for over 3 years. Later we all enjoyed lunch and returned to the campground where we played a Western Horse Race Game in the Clubhouse. That evening many members enjoyed a campfire provided by Doc and Connie, great conversations, many laughs and roasted marshmallow’s made it fun for all.

On Tuesday, we all enjoyed making beautiful cork reindeers in the clubhouse, a big thank you to Barbara Gury and Nancy Walczynski for making this project an outstanding success. Later we all joined together for our HDRR Club meeting. That evening guests enjoyed a Taco Bar with all the trimmings and Ice cream for desert provided by the Wagon Masters. A fun game of Card Bingo was played after dinner with Karla Bechner taking home the Grand prize. Members enjoyed another campfire and great conversations.

On Wednesday, we carpooled to the Lone Pine Film History Museum where we enjoyed not only a video of actual footage from some great western movies but an array of beautiful exhibits from such grand stars as John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Audie Murphy just to name a few of their over 40 exhibits. This museum pays tribute to the heroes and heroines of the American west and was founded in 2006. We followed up the Museum with delicious lunch at the Alabama Hills Café. After a brief return to the campground we were off again to explore the amazing Alabama Hills in search of actual filming locations for just a few of the over 150 western movies and over a dozen television shows filmed there since the 1920’s. We were in awe of the picturesque views and abundance of rock formations, however finding the actual sites proved to be very difficult even with a map, as there are no markers to guide you. That evening we enjoyed yet another wonderful campfire this one was a traditional wood burning fire hosted at the Walczynski coach, more marshmallows and roasted hot dogs wrapped up our awesome day.

On Thursday, this was an open day so we all decided as a group to carpool to Schat’s Bakery in Bishop where we enjoyed a variety of fresh baked treats, sandwiches made from their fresh homemade breads as well as their wonderful homemade navy bean soup. “Yum” We followed up with some shopping and a scouting expedition to a couple of potential future campgrounds, while another group of members explored a mountain top visit to Sabrina Lake. That evening we sat around and talked about the history and past injustices surrounding the building of the California Aqueduct and the devastation of the Owens Valley. As the evening grew cold we all retired to our coaches. Thank you all for a great week of outstanding team work, awesome adventures and finally, great companionship.

President’s Message

What a fantastic outing. I would like to thank Joe and Sherrie Martineau and Bob and Paula Gorges for a fantastic outing. Great Job. It was so AWESOME to see Randy & his daughter Summerly Nava and of course our little Raven. We all have missed you very much Randy. I also want to thank everyone for the well wishes. You all are a wonderful group. I am so proud to call you all my family.
Karla Bechner


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