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“New Beginnings” - CalWIT State Meeting
Bakersfield RV Resort Bakersfield, CA
October 6-10, 2021
Chardonnay Travelers

On the road again…this time to the CalWIT State Meeting in Bakersfield, CA.  The meeting was titled “New Beginnings” to recognize how the world is slowly getting back to normal.  Slowly but surely! Though this outing was not scheduled by the Chardonnay Travelers, our club still had 8 rigs attending the CalWIT State Meeting.  Sue Chambers, CalWIT State President (and also a Chardonnay Travelers member) along with the Executive Board, were very busy making plans for this outing; reserving the site, arranging for meals, scheduling presenters, etc.  Thanks, Sue & the rest of the CalWIT Executive Board.  Thank you all for a nice weekend!

Wednesday (Oct 6th) included “Registration and Hospitality” with Margaritas.  A “First Timer’s Meeting” was held in the afternoon.  That night CalWIT sponsored a catered dinner prepared by the Bakersfield RV Park’s restaurant, the Crest Bar & Grill.  After dinner CalWIT sponsored a “White Rose Ceremony” to honor those CalWIT members that have passed this last year.  The Chardonnay President, Fred Bryner, read a nicely written memorial to Judy Walton, a Chardonnay member, who passed June 1st, 2021.  The CalWIT club lost 5 other members this last year as well and members from the local clubs also read memorials to their members.  An arrangement of white roses with each person’s name was displayed throughout the 5-days of the state meeting.

Collage of photos of people gathered at tables, of an RV resort.

Thursday (Oct 7th) included a morning “WIT Walkers” session around the park, a Beanbag Baseball Tournament, and a seminar in the afternoon presented by Dave Kuehl.  That night our club, the Chardonnay Travelers, prepared a dinner for the attendees.  It featured “Mama Jo’s Sloppy Joes” with an assortment of condiments, potato salad, and home baked brownies.  After dinner attendees met back in the clubhouse to play “Left-Right-Center” and a side game of Poker.

collage of photos of people playing games, serving food and deserts laid out on a table.

Friday (Oct. 8th) included a “WIT Walkers” activity in the morning.  During the day there was a “Show and Share” event where members could bring their arts and crafts items to show and sell if desired.  Four (4) of our Chardonnay Travelers brought projects of quilting, weaving, knitting, and bead /wire jewelry to display.  In the afternoon the individual clubs met for Chapter Meetings.  At 6pm a catered Dinner Mixer was served by the Crest Bar & Grill.  After dinner attendees met again in the clubhouse to play “Card Bingo” – a couple of our Chardonnay Travelers were lucky and won a couple of the rounds.  Congratulations Carol, Leora and Johnnie.

People knitting, looking at quilts, and socializing.

Saturday (Oct 9th) included “Pancake Breakfast” compliments of the Bakersfield RV Resort.  At 9am the CalWIT General Meeting took place with discussion and questions & answers from attendees.  At 10:30am a seminar presented by the Redlands RV and Truck Center took place. After lunch at 2pm a “Computer Corner” seminar was presented by Bob Jehle, CalWIT Treasurer and Art Schipper, CalWIT Past President.   Participants were encouraged to bring their laptops and questions.  Dinner was prepared by the Fresno Floaters.  They served the entire meal “family style” so everyone could sit down to eat at the same time.  Really a nice meal with pasta, bread, salad, and homemade carrot cake.  Very nicely done!  After dinner entertainment was provided with Steve Woods.

Sunday (Oct 10th) included a “Get-Away Breakfast” provided by the CalWIT Executive Board.  After that, everyone packed up and prepared to leave for home.

If you are interested in joining us at any of our future outings check the Chardonnay Travelers website at  Please contact Fred Bryner, our club President, at [email protected]. Hope to see you soon!

Respectfully Submitted,

Gayle Bryner
Chardonnay Travelers, Secretary


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