CA: Chardonnay Travelers

February 11-14, 2021
Vineyard RV Park, Vacaville
Chardonnay Travelers, CA

Photo collage with people gathered around fire and at a restaurant.

We are almost back on the road again!  It might be easy to say that “the year, 2020, is what many will call easily forgotten.”  It has been challenging and unforgiving in many ways.  We are now entering into 2021 with much more positive feelings regarding the world’s health and future.  As you all may have found, it has been really hard scheduling club outings due to both the Covid-19 regulations placed on RV Parks/Resorts and the many fires that the state of California was also experiencing at the same time which have caused RV Parks to take in evacuees on long-term housing status.  We had to cancel 5 club outings, 3 state meetings, and the Grand National Rally during 2020!  OMG!!!

On February 11-14, 2021 the Chardonnay Travelers Winnebago Club had its first successful club outing in 8 months!   The outing took place at the Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville, CA.  Though the weather was a bit “testy” the first day/night with rain & wind…after that, the weekend turned out to be quite pleasant.  We were very lucky that the park had a really nice covered patio with two heaters , tables and space to sit around a small Camp Chef Fire Pit each evening provided by our outing Hosts.  It really was GREAT to finally be able to see each other face-to-face (masks and all) and get caught up on what has been happening with all our attending members!  

The dinners were planned for by the outing Hosts, Fred & Gay Bryner, and had to be served on the patio since the Clubhouse was NOT available due to State regulations.  All of the other meals were “Bring Your Own.”    The Thursday night meal was a “Hobo Stew, green salad, & bread”.  The stew was a “bring something to add to the stew base” event.  Not bad for a big pot of stew with “who knows what” in it!  The Friday night meal was a spaghetti, green salad, bread, and Valentine cookies dinner prepared by the LampPost Pizza Restaurant in Davis.  Saturday’s Valentine Dinner was a “take out/pick up” meal from the local Buckhorn BBQ Grill in Vacaville.   One of our members brought Valentine’s Day cookies for all to enjoy as well. Since the patio was nicely covered and the 2 heaters were available, it was quite pleasant.  After dinner, our hosts lit their fire pit and everyone sat around it and enjoyed each other’s company. 

On Saturday, at lunch time, our club had its Club Meeting.  Everyone brought their own lunches.  During the meeting as New Business, Don & Judy Walton & Mama Joe Macaluso were unanimously nominated as Honorary Members of the Chardonnay Travelers.  “Congratulations, Don, Judy, and Mama Jo.”  After the meeting our new Club Officers were installed by Past-President, Scott Kenyon.  Our new Officers are: 

President -- Fred Bryner

Vice-President -- Art Schipper

Secretary -- Gay Bryner

Treasurer -- Bob Jehle

Past-President -- Scott Kenyon

Sunshine (Appointed) -- Leora Matranga

On Sunday morning, everyone brought their breakfasts to the patio for a final “Valentine’s Day Farewell Breakfast.”  After that, everyone packed-up and started home. 

It really was nice to see everyone again.  It has been way too long since our club has been able to be together.  We are looking forward to more outings in the near future.  A new year of friendship and RV camping is ahead of us.  Please check in on our new/revised “2021 Chardonnay Travelers website”, chardonnay, supported by Bob Anderson.  Watch for new outings being posted as the world slowly gets back to normal.  If you would like to join us anytime this year please contact Fred Bryner, our President, at [email protected]. We would love to have you join us!  Don’t forget…”wear masks, wash your hands, stay distanced, and take care of yourself!” 

Respectfully submitted, Gayle Bryner
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers


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