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Chardonnay Travelers

“Hail to the Chief(s)”
Vineyard RV Park
Vacaville, CA
February 23-26, 2023

      Though February is usually considered the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the outing’s Co-Hosts, Mary & Bob Jehle and Fred & Gay Bryner, decided to do it differently by celebrating President’s Day instead. “Hail to the Chief(s)” was the theme for our second outing of 2023 and the colors were red-white-blue. This outing ended up small with only 5 rigs. Many of our members were busy on trips to various other locations or were unable to make it.  

      The location of our outing was at the Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville. The weather was a bit challenging this weekend with cold rain & wind in the lower elevations of the Sacramento Valley and snow in the mountains around us! Luckily this location was perfect for such weather with a nice covered patio, a clubhouse with a well equipped kitchen, and plenty of room and heaters! The clubhouse even had a jukebox to play music that was free and nicely equipped. One of our members brought a puzzle for some of us to work on as well. Great fun!

Vineyard RV Park

Members doing puzzles

      The meals consisted of a Bar-B-Que the first night; a Breakfast/Brunch the second day consisting of Omelets-in-a-bag and pancakes; a Potluck Dinner the third evening consisted of members preparing their “favorite casseroles”; and a Get-Away Breakfast completed the outing with apple fritters, yogurt & hard boiled eggs. Believe me, no one went home hungry!  

Activities consisted of lots of pleasant conversation, games and puzzles. On Friday evening we all attended a performance at the Vacaville Performing Arts Center entitled “Carpenters’ Legacy”. On Saturday after dinner, we watched the movie musical “1776” in honor of our many presidents. During the days, some members visited local fabric/quilt shops, some visited the Vacaville Outlet Stores, some went exploring local RV showrooms, and others just went for a ride up into the foothills to see the snow that had fallen during the nights. Everyone managed to keep busy. 

Members at potluck

Members at 1776 musical

      All-in-all the outing went nicely and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. If you should be interested in attending any of our future outings please feel free to contact Carol Kenyon, the Chardonnay Traveler’s President at [email protected]. Please check our “Calendar of Events for 2023” at our website at Hope to see you soon!

Respectfully Submitted
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers


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