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Chardonnay Travelers

Gold Rush Fever
CalWIT State Meeting

Sonora, CA
October 20 - 24, 2022

The CalWIT State Meeting was held at the Mother Lode Fair Grounds in Sonora, CA on October 20 – 24, 2022. Though the attendance was a little low, there was fun and entertainment to be had. 

Thursday evening, Oct 20th, was the Opening Ceremony which included a “White Rose Memorial” to honor the CalWIT members that were lost this last year. Dinner that night was catered by Devon’s Delectable’ s, a local restaurant.

2022 officers

Friday, October 21st, included a field trip & tour of the Columbia State Park. Breakfast and lunch were “on your own” and many explored the communities in the Gold Country like Murphy’s, Sonora, etc. The day was pleasant and many found fun places to explore. The afternoon included an Executive Board and Chapter Chairmen Meeting. Following that, the Chapter Meetings of the attending clubs were held.

Dinner was provided by the Fresno Floaters. They made steak, garlic potatoes with green beans and salad. Desserts were great with Banana and Chocolate cream pies! MMM-Good! Later that evening the CalWIT VP, Bruce Browne, conducted a game of Card Bingo.

Saturday, October 22, provided a pleasant surprise in the morning…RAIN! It didn’t last long, but it was good to see. At 10am the General Meeting and Election of State Officers was held. Some discussion regarding what the next year might include, the need for two more elected CalWIT officers (VP and Secretary), and some of the issues that clubs are concerned about occurred. Finally, two members from the Chardonnay Travelers volunteered for the two open officers: Gloria Anderson, Secretary and Fred Bryner, Vice President. Things were looking better! After the meeting, a game of Beanbag Baseball took place. Team #4 Won and was later presented cash awards during the Sunday Closing Ceremony!

Members cooking

Dinner on Saturday was prepared by the Chardonnay Travelers that evening. The meal was spaghetti and meat sauce with meat balls, zucchini zoodles and/or pasta noodles, green salad, and garlic bread. Dessert was chocolate chip cookies. Another MMM-Good! After dinner, Steve Woods, from Bakersfield, entertained the attendees. Several danced and enjoyed the music. “Thank you, Steve!”

Members dancing

Sunday, October 23rd, provided more time to explore the area.  In the afternoon Bruce Browne presented an “RV Tech Round Table” where attendees could ask questions and answers were shared by several. The dinner that night included roast pork loin prepared by Sue Chambers & Fred Bryner, and potluck dishes were provided by members. After dinner, the “Installation of New Officers” was conducted by Art Schipper. The New CalWIT Officers for 2023 are: President, Bruce Browne; Vice President, Fred Bryner; Treasurer, Dianne Davis; Secretary, Gloria Anderson. “Congratulations to you all!” 

2023 officers

Monday, October 24th, was pack up and departure time after a pleasant and informative rally. Thanks to the chapters, executive officers, and all those who helped make this event a special time for everyone.

Respectfully Submitted
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers


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