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Chardonnay Travelers
Sugar Barge RV Resort
Bethel Island, CA
August 18 - 21, 2022

It has been quite some time since our group has been to Sugar Barge RV Resort. It is expected that during a summer outing the weather will be HOT and windy! And that it was! Our Co-Hosts, Debbie & Johnny Zinck, and Leora & Johnnie Matranga decided to challenge the attendees to some unfamiliar activities – Charades, Sudoku, and Karaoke. Though some were skeptical about the outing activities at first…everyone had to admit that they really enjoyed trying the new activities! Really different and fun!

Members at Sugar Barge

Thursday was arrival and check-in time during the afternoon. Everyone got settled and at 5:00pm that evening we all met at the clubhouse for a spaghetti dinner with sausages, garlic bread, green salad, and dessert. Though our group was small due to many of our members being on summer trips to Alaska, back East, etc. everyone enjoyed socializing and spending time with the smaller group. Debbie & Johnny’s son and wife, having just moved into the area, also attended the dinner. It was nice meeting them.

Members playing charades

On Friday   afternoon, Debbie & Johnny invited us to play Charades! Debbie gave us all sheets that introduced the “vocabulary and hand signals” for playing charades. Though we all knew what charades were, many of us had never really played the game the official way. It was very interesting and very much like signing – that is, if we could keep from talking! Debbie had a Charades game box with cards for different ages and we started at 4 years old and worked our way up to 17/teens and then to the topic of Hollywood. After dinner at the Sugar Barge Bar & Grill on the levee along side of the park, we met back at the clubhouse for Karaoke. Yes, our hosts got us all to get up and sing something either separately or in pairs! Fred took several videos of us all singing if you really want to see what it was like.

Members singing karaoke

On Saturday, we had our club meeting in the morning and then after lunch Debbie shared her “method for playing Soduko.” Some of us were not avid Soduko players. Others were used to playing Soduko either on paper or on their phones/computers. Debbie provided a packet with a variety of Sudoku games of several different levels – easy to super hard. OMG…quite a challenge! Dinner that night was B-B-Q hamburgers & hot dogs provided by the hosts and potluck side dishes provided by the attendees. Later that evening we met back at the clubhouse for “Movie Night” to see “Flyboys.”

Sunday morning was “Getaway Breakfast” by our hosts. Johnny cooked up bacon & scrambled eggs, rolls, and fruit. Then, everyone said their “goodbyes” and headed home. It was a very pleasant weekend and was fun for all!

If you should happen to be curious about our group and would like to visit us one of these outings, please contact our President, Fred Bryner, at [email protected]. Check out our “Calendar of Events” for either 2022 or 2023 at our website at

Hope to see you soon!

Respectfully Submitted
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers






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