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Marina Point, Rio Vista
Chardonnay Travelers, CA

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

On Sunday, December 8, the Chardonnay Travelers met at the Marina Point Restaurant in Rio Vista for their annual Christmas Luncheon.  The luncheon was very pleasant, the weather was nice, and the view of the Sacramento River Delta was lovely. We had 18 members, 1 Honorary Member, & 2 Guests/Past-Members in attendance.   Everyone had a nice time and the food was very good.

Scott Kenyon, conducted a brief club meeting to acknowledge and vote on a new member, Colleen McCabe. Welcome, Colleen, we are glad to have you with us!  Later, after the meal, Art Schipper, the State CalWIT President, installed our new officers for 2020:  President – Scott Kenyon, Vice-President – Fred Bryner, Treasurer – Carol Kenyon, and Secretary – Gayle Bryner.

A new year of friendship and RV camping is ahead of us!  Please check out our new “2020 Calendar of Events” at the Chardonnay Travelers website, .   If you would like to join us anytime this year please contact Scott Kenyon, our President, at [email protected] .  Would  love to have you join us!  Happy Holidays to All!

Respectfully submitted, Gayle Bryner
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers


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