AR: Ark-A-Bago

This may be partially belated or not, but does anyone REALLY know what time it is? Karen and I wish you good times in the coming year.

We had an uneventful rush trip to and from Iowa, narrowly missing he snow as we dashed to warmer weather after a beautiful wedding. I trust you had a good week in Hot Springs.

Next March, when we once again trek to the Hot Springs, we’ll get back to business and elect our club officers for2020. My understanding from Glenda Norris, nominating committee chairwoman, is that I will continue as President, The Gould’s will serve in the VP Office, and Mary Ann Ford will keep the purse. As of this time we still need a nomination for the Office of Secretary. We’ll certainly take additional nominations for all Offices as appropriate, of course! Then that should move the meeting along and we can get back to planning our next meal.

We really missed seeing you in Hot Springs, and eagerly anticipate getting together again in March!



The December Campout was held December 1-6 at the Cloud Nine RV Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Eight coaches arrived on Sunday: Brandes, Brewster, Ford, Franklin, Gould, Grice, Kadrzynski and Matthews. We were pleased to be joined by Linda & George Tillman for one day. Rita and Bill Sax, representatives for SkyMed, joined us and gave a presentation on the many benefits provided by SkyMed.

There were many activities that took place during the week: a pulled-pork lunch, the presentation on SkyMed, Christmas Dinner, gift exchange, visit to the Dryden Pottery for a potter’s wheel demonstration, a tour of the Alliance Rubber Band Factory, lunch at various restaurants in Hot Springs, a Christmas plate craft project, shopping, games, and a great deal of visiting. All in all, a great time was had by everyone.

Larry & Cletus

Buzz & Marie

Hot Springs Hosts


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