AR: Ark-A-Bago

A Note from our Club President

Fellow Bagoans, I join you in looking forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. We’ll be missing everybody for the next campout in Hot Springs at Cloud Nine, but wish you who are blessed to participate a fine few days with a fine few friends! And hoping for good weather for your travels and camping.

The new schedule for 2020 is entertaining to contemplate. Note that we recently heard that the Oklahoma State Rally will not be in the line-up. Hopefully they’ll see a clear path to resume in 2021. Although the rally would have been a new experience for us, Karen and I look forward to the Cedar Oaks week as a new campground for us.

As the RVing community at large ages with fewer new recruits coming along, many WIT Clubs tend to return to the same camp grounds year after year. That is practical and works pretty well for us to the extent that it applies, but opportunities to branch out, in or out of state, perhaps in addition to our regular monthly trips, may entice some new members who dream of RV camping as a means to travel and see the sights to participate. Rather than more grandiose opportunities that WIT offers, maybe we could reach the Gulf Coast or other destinations within a couple to few days on the road. Discuss among yourselves. Ready? Go!


November Branson Campout

The days of the November Branson rally flew by, although we very much missed our members who were unable to attend. Seven coaches arrived ready to enjoy Holidays in Branson, and we sure did.: Ford, Franklin, Gould, Griffith, Kadrzynski, Norris and Rozeboom. Of course there was shopping, luncheon at the Keeter Center, Breakfast buffet, and pizza ranch (thank you Karen). Yes, we ate well! Shows, “SIX” and “Branson Mystery Theater” and our turkey dinner rounded out a complete week. Ozark RV Campground new managers are a welcoming and gracious couple. It was fun seeing Val & Butch Peters, Betty Bolte, and some other WIT friends. Visiting with our club family is priceless and we thank you all for a special week.

Ernie and Bonnie
Branson Campout Hosts


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