The latest Winnebago motorhomes and travel trailers have garnered an impressive array of awards, just in time for the upcoming RV show season.

"These honors, from RV dealers, industry professionals and RV consumers themselves, are an acknowledgement of both the innovative thinking and the quality workmanship our employees bring to the table each and every day," noted Huw Bower, President of Winnebago Outdoors.

This year's models are just the latest award-winners from Winnebago, and continue its long tradition of pioneering and developing products that meet the needs of RVers of all types, from adventurous off-grid nomads to family-focused weekenders to full-timers.

Awards that recognize individual models announced to date include:

RV of the Year — RVBusiness magazine
With 5 integrated technologies to support extended off-grid adventure, this rugged, lightweight travel trailer is breaking new ground for the category, and getting noticed by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Solis NPF
Type B Motorhome of the Year — RV News
Best New Model — RV PRO

Bolstered by an array of backcountry-focused enhancements like overland-style drawers and all-terrain tires on performance wheels, the National Park Foundation edition of the Solis brings new comfort and practicality to Winnebago's popular camper van.

Sunstar 29NPF
Type A Gas Motorhome of the Year — RV News
With upgrades including a 300% more powerful solar energy system, factory-installed SumoSprings and a batwing awning to boost exterior living space, the National Park Foundation edition of the Sunstar elevates comfort both in camp and on the road.

Minnie 2630MLRK
Mid-Price Travel Trailer of the Year — RV News
The new 2630MLRK makes the most of its compact size with well-designed living spaces and a wide array of features, including a walk-through bath, pull-out desk and exterior kitchen.

In addition to individual model awards, Winnebago RVs also received broader recognition from consumers and dealers, including:

Winnebago Class B Motorhomes
Gold — RV Magazine Reader's Choice Awards

Winnebago Class C Motorhomes
Silver — RV Magazine Reader's Choice Awards

Winnebago Class A Motorhomes
Bronze — RV Magazine Reader's Choice Awards

Winnebago Motorized Division
Quality Circle Award — RV Dealers Association


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