Forest City, Iowa, Oct. 13, 2022 –  Winnebago, the flagship brand of outdoor lifestyle product manufacturer Winnebago Industries, Inc., debuted enhanced online shopping tools that help consumers shop for an RV more effectively and efficiently. The company developed these tools as part of its continuous effort to improve the online shopping experience. With these tools, consumers now have access to more information, helpful tips and other resources to make purchasing decisions easier and more convenient. Winnebago is the first RV manufacturer to offer such robust online shopping tools.

Key enhancements include:

  • The Dealer Selection tool is now featured on every model page so consumers can easily see the closest three dealers to their location.
  • The Dealer Locator tool displays more information, including dealer website links; dealer reviews; available retail and rental inventory; and even live inventory links. As consumers explore these links, they’ll see dealer-specific branding and pricing.
  • The Digital Retail Tools Drawer allows consumers to receive an online estimate of the trade-in value of their existing vehicle, make an appointment and get a quote.
  • The Shopping Concierge tool provides additional assistance by helping direct customers to their closest dealer.

“We’ve been an industry pioneer for decades,” said Winnebago Outdoors President Huw Bower. “These new shopping tools exemplify our commitment to continuously improve customer and dealer service and provide innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the marketplace. Our hope is that, in addition to making it easier to shop for and purchase an RV, these tools will speed up the time it takes for owners to realize their RV travel dreams.”  

For more information about Winnebago products and other brand news, visit Winnebago Insider.

About Winnebago

Winnebago brand RVs have been stitched into the fabric of the American outdoor experience for generations. Winnebago offers legendary innovation, quality and service across a full spectrum of travel trailers and motorhomes ranging from Camper Vans to luxury Class A diesel pushers. For more information, visit Winnebago is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winnebago Industries (NYSE:WGO), a manufacturer of premium outdoor lifestyle products. For access to Winnebago Industries' investor relations material or to add your name to an automatic email list for Company news releases, visit

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