Being a weekend warrior means that, at the end of a long week, you can leave the hustle and bustle and head for the hills, the mountains, the beach, or whatever location makes you happy. However, it can also mean that you are preparing for your journey while balancing the responsibilities of the workweek.

We have learned that, with a little planning and preparation in the days leading up to an outing, getting out of town can be easy and stress-free. Here are some of the tips and tricks we have picked up along the way, separated out for each day of the week - to make it more manageable.


  • If you store your rig away from home, pick it up on Monday.
  • Fill up on gas and propane.
  • Once home, hook up to power. This allows ample time for the fridge to cool for packing during the week.
  • Take inventory of items that stay in the rig, such as coffee, spices and those all-important s'more fixings, along with other non-perishable necessities - like paper products and trash bags.


  • Plan your meals for the weekend and make a shopping list.
  • Check your laundry situation. Are your beach towels still sandy from your last trip? When were your bed linens last washed? This gives you more than enough time to do any last-minute laundry you may not have gotten around to after your last trip.
  • Do a safety check. Are your tires inflated to the proper PSI? Are your fluids at acceptable levels?

Child kneeling in front of a Winnebago by the front license plate.


  • Do the grocery shopping. Load what you can from your grocery trip right into the RV, as your fridge should now be at the optimum temp (if you hooked up on Monday).
  • Prep any make-ahead food items. Are you making fajitas? Marinate the meat and slice the veggies. Are you having burgers? Wash the produce and make your patties. A little prep on the front end can make mealtimes easy on the road.


  • Pack up the laundry you did on Tuesday, along with clothes you'll need for the weekend.
  • Replenish any toiletry items you might be running low on such as soaps, shampoos and toothpaste.


  • Load any last-minute food items and other necessities.
  • If travelling with kids, make sure they have all essential blankies and stuffies.
  • Grab your travelers and head out for a magical weekend!

Winnebago with awning out with lights strung underneath and a picnic table with flowers on it.

Being RV weekend warriors has a ton of advantages. However, it also means you now have two homes to keep stocked and maintained. This checklist has helped us get out of town quickly at the end of a long week, confident that we are well-prepared for the adventure at hand. We hope it does the same for you. Happy trails!


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