We Just Can’t Wait … to Get on the Road Again!
Share our community sing-along video to help give back to the national parks!
By: GoLife Staff

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To say everything looks a bit different in 2020 is an understatement. We’ve all adjusted how we live, work, play, and travel. As our team at Winnebago looked at a summer without most of the community gatherings and shows we always look forward to attending, we knew we needed another way to bring our beloved Winnebago community together. And what better way, but to do it than with one of the most iconic travel songs around?

Recently, Winnebago reached out to our community and asked everyone to submit their favorite travel memories. We also invited our brave adventurers to join us in song as we dream about our favorite thing – travel and fun in our Winnebago RVs.

So, since we can’t get together like we usually do every July at the Grand National Rally and, like us, we know you’ve been anxious to get back “On the Road Again,” a few of us rallied together to sing and share inspiration for future travels!


To really celebrate our community and what the freedom of the open road means to all of us, Winnebago wants to give back to our partners at the National Park Foundation. Our final “On the Road Again” video was shared on our Facebook and Twitter page so you can share it with your friends. 

For every share of our posts, Winnebago will donate $1 to the National Park Foundation, so when we do all hit the road again, you can #FindYourPark. 

Click the links below to see our “On the Road Again” sing-along video on our Facebook or Twitter page and share it with your friends.

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