When we were looking into visiting Disneyland in California, we were a little worried we wouldn't be able to find an RV park that would get us close enough.

Unlike Disney World in Orlando, there aren't any on-site camping options at Disneyland. But, it ended up being surprisingly easy to find a great place close to the park to base our visit from!

About Anaheim RV Park near Disneyland

Luckily, Anaheim RV Park is less than two miles away from Disneyland and they make it really easy to enjoy the park during your stay.

At $65+ per night, it was more than we usually spend - but, it was worth it. While the RV park itself is nice and clean, with a pool as well as morning coffee and muffins, there were a few big reasons staying here really made for an easy and fun RV trip to Disney.

Winnebago Micro Minnie parked at Anaheim RV Park.

Proximity to Disneyland

Like I mentioned, the park is less than two miles away from the Disneyland entrance! Some people do decide to walk over there and back. But, as you can imagine, after spending a day walking all around Disneyland, your family may not be up for the walk back. Thankfully, there are multiple other options for getting to and from the park. While driving your own car or opting for a short Uber ride are both good options, there is also a convenient shuttle that comes right to the RV park.

For the shuttle, you purchase tickets at the office and then there are set times when the bus comes. We opted not to do that, as it was about the same price for us with a family of six to just pay for parking. But, we considered the bus and liked that it was an option.

Dog Walking Service

While proximity was important, the dog walking service sealed the deal for us. We travel with a 13-year-old black lab who needs to get outside multiple times a day. This can be a challenge when you want to be at an amusement park from when they open until when they close.

But at this RV park, you can pay a fee and they will come in and take your dog out for a 30-minute walk and also fill up their water and food. You can ask for as many walks as you want per day. You just pay per time they come to let your dog out (call to confirm prices).

Once they let them out, you get a text message letting you know that everything went okay and your pup is back in your rig. This allowed all six of us to spend the day together instead of my husband having to leave in the middle of the day to let her out.

Winnebago Micro Minnie with fireworks overhead.


The perks of this RV park don't end when the sun sets. At night, you can see the fireworks right from your site! We arrived later in the day and were able to watch the fireworks as we prepared to head into Disneyland early the next morning. This was the perfect way to start our Disneyland vacation -- especially since we were only doing one day in the parks with the Disneyland Park Hopper Pass and wanted to maximize every moment of our visit.


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