Welcome to Miami! Yes, there is Beach Front Avenue in Miami and it is pretty close to what all the TV shows and movies portray (big muscled men and women in little bikinis). But there is also so much more to do in Miami!

Shark Valley Everglades National Park

The top item on our list is Shark Valley -- part of Everglades National Park. What an unreal experience! If you have bikes, bring them. It is a 15-mile roundtrip bike ride that takes you 7 miles into the middle of the Everglades. That in itself is amazing.

Alligator at the edge of swampy grassland

But the really cool part is that it should be called Alligator Valley, not Shark Valley since you ride your bike right by HUGE alligators. Plus, alligators of all sizes - even babies. At one point, we had to stop to wait for the alligator to move further off of the paved trail. This guy was over 10 feet long!

At another point, we had to ride through the water with an alligator just a foot or so away in the swamp area. CRAZY. But also super cool.

When you get to the checkpoint in the middle of the trail, there is a lookout tower you can climb up to for an unbelievable view over the Everglades.

Although a bit longer, it is a pretty flat trail. Just be aware if it is windy you may be riding into the wind for quite a while. But, if you aren't feeling up for the bike ride, they do have a tram that runs. But I don't think the experience is as cool. We saw the tram flying by and everyone on it missed seeing some alligators since it was going so fast.

Wynwood Art District

This is an up and coming part of Miami that is filled with amazing graffiti artwork on the sides of almost every building in this part of the city. The artwork is beautiful. They also have a lot of cool stores and restaurants. It is totally a hipster area with a really cool vibe.

Child jumping off a rock with colorfully painted buildings behind

You can drive through the area or you can find somewhere to park and walk through to take your time looking at the artwork and to grab a bite to eat.

Knaus Berry Farm

If you are a fan of cinnamon rolls, you can't miss this place! These cinnamon rolls are some of the best we have ever had. Be aware that everyone in the area knows that and sometimes they sell out. So get there early.

Little Havana

I highly recommend you make a visit to Little Havana when you are in Miami. Cuba is such a part of the culture and vibe of the area, and Little Havana is a great representation of that.

Two kids dancing

We got delicious ice cream at Azucar, danced on the street of the famous Calle Ocho to some amazing live Cuban music and walked over to checkout the people playing dominos in Domino Park.

Jungle Island

If you and your family are into visiting zoos and love seeing animals, then Jungle Island should be on your list. When we first walked in, we got a chance to have a parrot sit on our shoulder. How cool is that?

The whole place makes you feel like you are in a jungle as you are walking through. Make sure to check out the show schedule too and try to catch a couple while you are there.

Note: Due to hurricane Irma be sure to check to see if they are open before going.

Where to Stay?: Miami Everglades RV Park

Miami is such a cool and unique area. When we were there, we stayed at the Miami Everglades RV Resort which was a perfect choice since it took us away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and out into the country section of Miami. It was cool to see this part of the city!

Pool at Miami Everglades RV Resort

The Resort has decent sites that are pretty close together, but also a nice large pool and hot tub, one of the best mini golf courses we have ever seen, and a nice walking trail around the whole resort and plenty open space to run and play.


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