Putting Parky's Pure3 Battery System to the Test at GNR
A fun video with an insider look at GNR and what the Limited Edition National Park Foundation Travato can do!
By: James & Stef Adinaro

James and Stef standing in front of the Limited Edition National Park Foundation Travato

James and I took a break from our national parks tour to attend Winnebago's annual rally in Forest City, Iowa, the "Grand National Rally," or GNR. We were there camping in 'Parky', the very first of the Limited Edition National Park Foundation Travatos. Parky is on loan to us, and we're on a mission to visit and promote #parkslesstraveled around the country.

This was our 5th GNR, but it was Parky's first. With Parky's Pure3 advanced battery management system being 33% bigger than the Pure3 systems installed on standard Travato GL and KL's, we get asked often about that difference and our experiences with it.

Without fail, the number one question is, "how long can you run the air conditioner?" Since we knew we'd be out of the van and busy with rally festivities from morning until dark, we thought GNR would be the best place to try to answer that question. Mel, our cat, was our test pilot. You can see in the video, he had a very 'hard' day of naps in the van, participating on stage in a panel discussion about national parks, and treats being mechanically thrown at him from our new treat-tossing pet cam. Yes, that's really a thing.

If you haven't attended GNR before, you can also watch this to get a good feel for a typical day at the rally. GNR is a festive, fun and very busy event jam-packed with activities throughout the day.

Here are some of the GNR activities you'll see in the video:

  1. Leading a morning stretching class
  2. Mel's first time on stage!
  3. Morning entertainment.
  4. Attendees peeking in the van and saying hi to Mel!
  5. The exhibitor building!
  6. WinnebaGoLife bloggers meeting for lunch!
  7. Getting chauffeured in a golf cart by Russ Garfin, Director of Product Management at Winnebago.
  8. Facebook Group Meetup.
  9. The Mel cam throwing treats at him!
  10. Tech sessions happening in Van Village.
  11. Visiting the new and amazing dog park! (But hey, what about cats?)
  12. Borrowing a goofy golf cart!
  13. Checking out Parky's 1st cousin; a copper NPF Travato!
  14. Evening BBQ party sponsored by Volta!
  15. Evening concert by Home Free! (this was so amazing)
  16. After dark bonfire party just getting started.

So! If you want to know the answer to that popular question, "How long can Parky's batteries last?" Well, you'll just have to watch and see.

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See you on the road, friends!
Stef (and James and Mel!)


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