Off-Roadin’ in Moab: An Exciting Option for RVers with Jeeps from Fantasy RV Tours
Tour overview from attendees and helpful tips for RVers who want to sign up!

By: Kenny & Sabrina Phillips

At the start of our Moab Off-Roadin’ Fantasy RV Tours experience, our Wagon Master Willy said: “One of the things I like most about these trips is showing people what their Jeeps can really do!” And he was not kidding. 

On this Fantasy RV Tours experience, we pushed ourselves and our little Jeep “TJ” to its limits, but I believe that is where the fun really starts. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone makes completing the trail that much more satisfying. However, it is important to note that this specific trip offering is only for RVers who own Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators as these are the most off-road capable Jeeps right from the factory. 

Fantasy RV Tours has many other options for RVers of all kinds, including tours specifically for Winnebago owners. GoLife Perks Members even get a special savings on those tours!

Staying at Moab KOA

Fantasy RV Tours always does a fantastic job of planning everything out and our campground for this trip was no exception. We stayed at the Moab KOA, which offered stunning views, full-hookup pull-through sites, laundry, a hot tub, and a pool. I certainly took advantage of the weather and used the heated pool and hot tub while not on the trails. This KOA also had an outdoor pavilion where Fantasy RV Tours organized happy hours and live entertainment.  

It was a nonstop, action-packed week, so let’s get into everything we did on this trip …

Getting Started with Jeeping 101

On day one of the trip, we met for an afternoon class on Jeeping 101. This meeting was not mandatory, but I certainly wanted to attend as I feel we can always learn something new. Willy and Paul (our Tail Gunner) shared insights on how to tackle obstacles and gave us a rundown on trail etiquette. They also gave us a brief summary of the trails we would be running on for the week, which I found to be very helpful. 

Later in the day we had orientation, where everyone attended and our Wagon Masters (Willy and Tammy) and our Tail Gunners (Paul and Cheryl) went over the itinerary for the week, including tips on safety. They then took us all out for dinner so we could get acquainted. Our meals and non-alcoholic drinks were included as well as dessert. 

The Jeeps and the RVers Who Own Them

While talking with everyone, we found out that there was a large array of Jeeps and skill levels throughout the crowd. There were twenty-two attendees – some with modified Jeeps, some with stock Jeeps, and then others like mine that fell somewhere in the middle. I consider my Jeep stockish since it only has 30” tires and no lift, but it does have an aftermarket bumper, winch, rock sliders, and a disconnecting sway bar. 

We could tell some of the drivers were on the timid side and maybe even nervous about the trails ahead while others were ready for anything. Fantasy RV Tours had already taken this into consideration and as the week progressed and trails became more difficult, they had easier alternate routes planned so everyone could get out and enjoy the week. There was never a day where anyone had to stay behind and miss out on a day of riding. 

Our Jeep Trail Guides

Fantasy RV Tours always goes that extra mile (pun intended) and, in this case, they hired Outlaw Adventure Jeep Tours. They are a local trail guide company and know the area and terrain very well. They were able to explain to us that these areas and trails are always changing due to weather and erosion, so no two trips are the same year after year. Because they are local, and on these trails daily, they are aware of these changes and know the best lines to take while on a trail to ensure everyone is able to overcome the obstacles. 

Jeremy and Stacy were our tour guides and not only were they great at directing us through the trails, but they also had a wealth of knowledge of the area and would chat with us over our radios as to what we were seeing. We would also be able to get on the radio and ask them about wildlife or vegetation in the surrounding area. 

(Note: Everyone is supposed to bring their own radio. Ours is hard wired into our Jeep, but the hand-held ones were very popular. The tour guides did bring extra radios as backup just in case anyone had issues with their personal ones.)

Off to a Challenging Start

The first day for Sabrina and I did not go as planned. It started off well when dropping our dog Belle off at a doggie day care in the area to relax while we were out on the trails. The reason for this is Belle is not a fan of the Jeep or off-roading. She doesn’t like the sounds of the rocks hitting the underneath of the Jeep or the crunching sound of stones under the tires. The doggie day care is called the Moab National Bark and they were fantastic! We highly recommend them if you have a pup who also does not like Jeepin’. 

However, after dropping Belle off the first day at Moab National Bark, I jumped in my Jeep to head back to the campground to line up to head out to the trail and to my surprise my Jeep did not start. I drive my Jeep daily and felt everything was in working order. Paul the Tail Gunner came up to meet me in the parking lot to see if he could help me get it started, but nothing we tried worked. 

He had brought Sabrina with him, and I told him it was ok to leave us and get back with the group. I know he did not want to leave us, but he has a responsibility to the rest of the group, and we didn’t want to hold everyone back. Before he left, Paul made sure we had his cell phone number and was able to provide us with some towing options as well as some reputable mechanics. 

Sabrina and I on a much better day of the trip!

After Paul left, I continued to attempt to get my Jeep to start. I was actually on the phone with a friend of mine who suggested taking a hammer and banging on the starter and guess what? That worked! So, with the Jeep started we drove to one of the shops Paul had suggested and they were able to diagnose and confirm that it was indeed a bad starter, but they didn’t have one in stock, and they didn’t have the time to replace it even if they did have one. They were, however, able to call around to local parts stores and found a place that had a starter for my 2001 Jeep Wrangler. 

I think if we were in any other town, this would have definitely been a part that would have needed to be ordered. However, with the new starter in hand, we were able to contact a mobile mechanic named Moab Mobile Mechanic, and the owner Matt came right to the campground and swapped out our starter for $50. It honestly was the best mechanic service I have ever experienced and will keep mobile mechanics in mind for any future issues I run into as well. 

All and all, this day wasn’t what we expected, but it could have been worse.  Without the help of Paul, his local suggestions, and Matt from Moab Mobile Mechanic, we would not have had our Jeep back in action in the same day. We did of course miss out on the first day of trail riding and we heard it was a good one. The trail was called Seven-Mile Rim and from what everyone said about it we may have to plan another trip back to Moab and do this trail on our own.

Some of the great Moab views we experienced.

Ready To Go Off-Roading in Moab with Fantasy RV Tours

After hearing all the stories from the trail and having our Jeep back in working order, we were excited to hit the trails running! The group at this point was broken up into two, with eleven Jeeps in each. Jeremy and Stacy from Outlaw Adventures would each take one group. We went with Stacey on a famous trail called Finns and Things, and Jeremey took his group on the infamous Hell’s Revenge. The next day we would switch guides and switch trails. 

The Finns and Things trail were filled with slick rock, steep declines, and stepped inclines. Some of these steep declines were so steep you couldn’t see the Jeep in front of you go down the hill because it appeared as if they just dropped right off the edge … this is where having a guide was very useful. Stacy could be on the radio and guiding each Jeep down the decent all while having the Jeep at the top of the hill hold until it was all clear. 

I have never gone off-roading with a guide before and found it incredibly valuable to have one with us. Stacy would clear an obstacle, then jump out of her Jeep and guide each of us over that obstacle, letting us know to slow down or give it more gas, steer a bit to the driver side or passenger side, etc. She made obstacles that looked very difficult very manageable. Remember, I have no lift and only 30” tires, and our guides had 40” tires and at least a 4.5” lift on their Jeeps. They made my Jeep TJ look like a toy but were still able to provide guidance.

In the afternoon, after we were finished the trail, we got on our radio to let everyone in our group know that we were going to head to Moab Brewery to celebrate our accomplishment for the day. We had a nice crowd of about fourteen people join us and we all shared stories of the day. 

The next day was our turn to tackle Hell’s Revenge. We saw the entrance of this trail at the parking lot that we all met at the day before. After just looking at the entrance, Sabrina knew it was not for her, so I did this trail solo. I think she made the right choice as she is a bit of a nervous passenger, and it was a tough course. I would say Hell’s Revenge is more mentally challenging than technical, especially for someone like me who has a fear of heights. 

At one point someone jumped on the radio and asked our guide if we were going to climb the hill in front of us, to which Jeremy responded with “absolutely!” The trail was narrow at times and the climbs tall and steep. There were also more difficult challenges on this trail like Hell’s Gate, but it was an option to do challenges like this. Only two people from our group tackled it and they both did great! (A lift and lockers are recommended to do this obstacle.)

This was probably the most difficult trail I have ever done and if it were not for our guides and encouragement from our Fantasy RV Tours group, I would not have done it. In fact, I probably would not go back and do this trail again on my own. I really appreciated having the guidance of where to place my tires while navigating through the course, especially since you are usually only seeing the sky from your front windshield.

Choose Your Own Adventure

On day four we had an open day, and we could choose to go out on our own or make our own group and go out together. We joined up with a group of six or seven others and went on a trail called Willow Springs Road. This trail is a back road entrance into Arches National Park. You will need a high-clearance vehicle to enter this way, but the advantage of coming into the park this way is there are no reservations needed, so you can enter on your own schedule. 

The trail is about four-miles long and a mix of sandy road and a bit of rock. Overall, it is a very easy trail, as most of us didn’t even use four-wheel drive. This was a great day as we were able to mix our love of off-roading, exploring, and visiting national parks. We saw dinosaur tracks, took short hikes to the arches, and enjoyed the day with our new friends. 

The next two days continued to be what I would consider choose your own adventure days as Willy would present two choices of trails for us to do, one difficult and one easy. I chose easy trails for the next two days. I talked to both Jeremy and Willy about the more difficult trails and they both felt my Jeep could do it, but they would be long, hard days. So based on their advice, I really did not want to slow the group down – especially if they would have to hitch me up and pull me out of tough spots. 

The two difficult trails were Steel Bender and Poison Spyder. When you look these trails up, you will see that 33” tires are recommended for these trails. I instead opted to do the trail Onion Creek, which was absolutely beautiful. Sabrina went with me on this trail, and we are so glad we did not miss it. There are about 27 water crossings, and the rock formations and colors are amazing. The other easy trail we did was Gemini Bridges and, again, this had stunning views. We were even able to walk out over the natural bridges made of rock and stone. This was an incredible day as well.

This is why we love Fantasy RV Tours – they honestly think of everything. And with groups this big, for an adventure like this, having options was greatly appreciated!

Getting You & Your Jeep Ready for This Trip

I would like to share some tips on how to prepare for this trip, starting with your Jeep. If you have been thinking about making any mods to your Jeep, I think a good time to do them would be before you go out on this trip. I would advise any mods that help protect your Jeep when off-road would be top priority, such as skid plates, flat fenders, bumpers for better approach and departure angle, and rock sliders. These items will ensure your Jeep makes it through the trails with little to no damage. 

Why am I telling you this? Well because we did have a few Jeeps that took damage while out on the trails, mostly side steps and fenders. I would also add a quick disconnect to your anti-sway bar. This was one of the first mods I did to my Jeep, and it helps immensely when gaining traction and helps with the overall ride of the Jeep while off-roading. I would also look at where your Jeep’s flat tow connectors are. If they are under your bumper, I suggest relocating them to the top of your bumper, otherwise, you could damage your seven-pin connector or break away clasp.

Because of the way Fantasy RV Tours has this trip setup, you will be able to go out on the trails every day with your stock Jeep. But if you want to be able to do the last two more difficult trails instead of the easy ones, I recommend at least having a 2.5” lift and 32” tires. However, I would like to say you will not be disappointed in the easier trails as they truly have stunning views and are very enjoyable rides. In fact, Sabrina’s favorite trail was Onion Creek and that was one of the easier trails that we did. If you are wondering which was my favorite, it was Hell’s Revenge. I really pushed through my fear of heights on that one and enjoyed the challenge of the trail.  

Closing Thoughts

If you like adventure and taking the road less traveled all while making new friends, then this is a trip for you. I hope Fantasy RV Tours adds new locations to these trips as Sabrina and I will be the first in line to join another one. We truly pushed ourselves and our Jeep past our comfort zone and accomplished obstacles that we would have never done on our own. You will have a blast on this trip!

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Have any questions for me about this Fantasy RV Tours trip? Leave them down in the comment section and I’ll reply soon. Take care all and safe travels!


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