Two couples who contribute to GoLife, John & Nadia Bajuelo and Lindsay & Dan McKenzie, will be giving us a live view of the fun they are having together up in Canada this summer!

These couples met and became friends through their love of RVing, dogs, and travel, plus they are both living full-time in gorgeous Class C Winnebagos. (The McKenzies have a Navion and the Bajuelos have a Trend). Wanting to see each other this summer, they made plans to meet up in Canada for an awesome friendcation, RVing style. Of course, they had to add Lake Louise and Banff to the itinerary - bucket list spots for many travelers.

We'll be checking in with them a few times during their trip, as they take over Instagram for a few days and do some fun Facebook Live sessions. If you want to learn more about their trip and what they are enjoying about Lake Louise and Banff, add these dates to your calendar:

[Editor's note: This live event has ended, but we've added the links to the live session recordings below, and make sure check to our Instagram for photos from the takeovers).

Lake Louise with the McKenzies:

June 21: Lake Louise Instagram Takeover
June 25: Facebook Live Session at 7 p.m. (CT): Preparing to RV to Canada (watch recording of live session here)

Banff with the Bajuelos:

June 26: Banff Instagram Takeover
June 27: Facebook Live Session at 7 p.m. (CT): Banff Area Tips and Activities (watch recording of live session here)


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