A Weekend in the EKKO on Minnesota’s North Shore
Tips for must-see places during a trip to this scenic area.

By: Heather Summers

As novice of an RVer as they come, I was very excited (and admittedly a little nervous) to set forth on my inaugural excursion with the EKKO. As Winnebago’s Social Media Manager, I already knew about all of the EKKO’s amazing features, but getting to actually experience them made them that much sweeter.

My partner, two dogs, and I headed north – driving from Minneapolis up to Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore. If there is a time of year that you want to be exploring northern Minnesota, it is definitely fall. The leaves were just starting to turn – creating an even more beautiful landscape than its summer predecessor. 

Highlights of an RV Trip to Minnesota’s North Shore

Burlington Bay Campground

We decided upon camping at Burlington Bay Campground, and it did not disappoint. The campground hugs the shore of Lake Superior, giving campers multiple opportunities for a front row seat to its beauty. 

We pulled in early evening and were indeed greeted by a panoramic view of the lake – jaw-droppingly beautiful. Our RV site was fully equipped with electric and sewer hookups which made our lives a bit easier, especially as RV newbies. Staying in the EKKO kept us warm and cozy even as the temperatures dipped into the 30s overnight. The facilities were well kept, affordable, and the staff was super accommodating to our needs. It is also a fantastic location – a short drive to nearby restaurants and shopping. 

Betty’s Pies

On the topic of restaurants, stopping at Betty’s Pies is a must. Their speciality is, you guessed it … pies! And they are delicious. The interior is true to its roots, still resonant of an old-timey diner with the blue-checkered floor and classic diner booths. Being gluten free, I was pleasantly surprised by their offerings of gluten free options, including their homemade pies.

I opted for a BLT and the apple-blueberry pie; my partner got a beef pasty and the five-layer chocolate cream pie. Everything we got was mouth-watering and we are already planning a return, hopefully sooner than later. Do not sleep on Betty’s Pies – it lives up to the hype.

Iona's Beach Scientific and Natural Area (SNA)

One of the coolest parts about the North Shore is how different the geography is to the lower half of the state - you really feel like you are transported to a completely different part of the country. We were blown away by the beauty at Iona’s Beach Scientific and Natural Area.

One of my favorite parts were the pink rhyolite rocks which make up the bed of the beach. Not only were the rocks beautiful, but they made the coolest sound clinking together as you walk over them. Our dogs especially loved it there – running around on the larger rock formations on the vast, rugged shore and dashing in and out of the woods that encompassed the beach. We could have spent an hour just sitting on the beach and taking in Superior’s beauty. 

Pro tip: It’s easy to pass by this gem on the highway, so keep your eyes peeled.

Gooseberry Falls

Both my partner and I have a strong affection for waterfalls, so we were thrilled to check out Gooseberry. Our expectations were pretty high, as most of our waterfall adventures have historically been in the Smoky Mountains. Fortunately, the North Shore pulled through again. 

Gooseberry Falls offered several different waterfall options all within a short walk from the parking lot, each one just stunning. We want to spend more time here on our next trip out as there are many more paths and hikes to explore than we had time for. Even still, the park is set up so well that you can see so much beauty in very little time. They also have a great visitor center. The gift shop is fantastic and has something for everyone. We left with a t-shirt each and a few mementos. 


Our weekend on the North Shore was exceptional. Traveling in the Winnebago EKKO was the perfect way to ease into RVing and experience parts of Minnesota we hadn’t yet experienced. We kept saying how freeing and immersed in nature we felt, while also getting to enjoy the luxury (and impressive attention to detail) of the EKKO. We haven’t stopped talking about our adventure since and are already counting down the days until we’re on the open road again.


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User commented on November 10, 2022 5:22 PM
Heather! So glad you hit all the “must sees” of Minnesota’s North Shore. I didn’t know Betty’s had GF options - whoo hoo! Plan to grab a Class B next September, bring more WGO friends and join us at Itasca State Park for a Winnie B Rally at the Headwaters of the Mississippi. Details posted on the Winnie B FB site❤️ It will be fun!
User commented on November 11, 2022 4:22 AM
Don’t stop now, winter up, head south and keep exploring this great land. Then come back again each season to see what has been added.
User commented on November 13, 2022 4:39 AM
If you liked MN Northshore, you will love Michigan's Northshore. Come join the Northern Michigan View/Navion Meetup event in June at Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground and you can show off your EKKO for us. :-) https://www.facebook.com/groups/michiganwinnebagorally Enjoyed your story Heather, thank you for sharing.
User commented on November 15, 2022 10:11 AM
Glad you had such an EKKOlicous adventure! It is an amazing beast and you were able to use it to find the beauty! (See what I did there? 😆) Maybe we’ll get to catch you in the wild sometime!