Winnebago Outdoor Adventures has created a first-ever mini-tour. It's mini in days and mini in rig size, but mighty in fun. With the explosive growth in the adventurous smaller motorhome segment, the Winnebago Outdoor Adventures team has assembled a four day experience tailored specifically to B-Van and C-Class vehicles.

Mississippi river winding through the trees and along wooded hills.The Mississippi confluence runs through high, wooded hills.

It's called the Driftless Adventure and takes it's name from the area in Northern Iowa and Southern Wisconsin that was missed by the last glacial age. Glaciers leave behind clay, gravel and sand which is called "drift." Hence the geologic description of "driftless" defines this area. This is a charming region with crystal clear streams, Amish communities, forested hillsides, and a favorite of locals throughout the region, but often overlooked in most people's travel plans.

Statue of a girl along the river.Art and nature come together along the Upper Iowa River at Decorah.

The Driftless tour may also leave you a little breathless, especially if you're up for some bike riding, paddling and hiking (at paces for both the casual and hard core). Fortunately, the exercise will help offset the caloric fun planned at local restaurants.

If you own a Winnebago product (or are thinking of buying one), this trip has a very special twist. It's been inspired by Russ Garfin who is the product manager for all of Winnebago's Class-B and Class-C products. Russ and his wife Kathy will be traveling in their own brand new Travato.

Bike path curving along the hillside and through the farm fields.From town to country, a great 12 mile bike loop around Decorah is easy and scenic.

Joining the Garfins is the GoLife adventure team. GoLife's Don Cohen and his wife Terry will be along in their new 2015 Navion. In the past 2 1/2 years the Cohens have logged over 50,000 miles criss-crossing North America. Don's taking his fly rod for trout fishing and has had previous success in Decorah.

Person fishing in shallow stream alongside tree covered hills.A Rocky Mountain trout stream? Nope, this is one of many streams in the Driftless area.

Our on-the-water experts, GoLifer's Peter, Kathy, and Abby Holcombe will scouting the rivers and offering first-hand paddling tips and techniques. The Holcombes travel in a View and are regular contributors to GoLife with world-class photography and tales of amazing adventures. Rounding out the team will be our newest GoLife contributors, James and Stefany Adinaro. James and Stef have their own web site and passions for biking and personal fitness. They'll be breaking in their brand new, bright yellow Travato.

The trip's days have been comfortably structured for explore-on-your-own options or group activity choices. Plan ahead and keep some extra room in your refrigerator because, of course, you'll need room to bring home Wisconsin cheeses. And word has it that the beer and wine are pretty good, too!

Beginning and ending in Forest City, the tour will conclude right before the Grand National Rally. It's capped off by an in-depth product tour and a rare opportunity to meet members of the design team for the Class-B and Class-C products.


The details:

July 14-17

Cost $610 per couple, $415 single, $305 per extra guest

Start/finish: Winnebago Factory in Forest City, Iowa

Day 1 -- Tuesday -- Decorah, IA

  • Orientation
  • Canoe trip on the Upper Iowa River
  • Welcome Dinner

Day 2 -- Wednesday -- Viroqua, WI

  • Lillian Goldman Center Garden Tour
  • Visit Mt. Sterling Coop Creamery
  • Hiking/Biking local trails
  • Dinner at the Driftless Cafe

Day 3 -- Thursday -- Nelson, WI

  • Amish Shops (optional)
  • National Eagle Center
  • Dinner at Nelson Stone Barn

Day 4 --Friday

  • New product walk-throughs and meet & greet with Winnebago Ind. designers
  • WIT Grand National Rally (separate event)


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