Winter Shakedown Trip in the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX
Find out why a professional skier chose this Winnebago travel trailer.

By: Amy Jane David

I’m Amy - an adventure athlete, pro skier, guide, and content creator. I love traveling around wild landscapes documenting the adventures that ensue through photography, film, and writing. Winter is my favorite season. I’m the type of person who gravitates toward storms, deep snow, and frigid temperatures. I certainly love to play in the sun and summer months, but chasing snowy peaks for skiing is my biggest motivation. 

I grew up in Pinedale, Wyoming, and am now based in Stanley, Idaho. These are two of the coldest places in the country, so the desire to winter camp doesn’t come as a surprise. I travel as a professional skier to places with the most snow, so having a reliable mobile base camp has been on the top of my “to find” list for quite a few years. As a new ambassador for Winnebago, I’m excited to be using the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX.

Why the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX?

I chose the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX for my outdoor adventures because of the off-grid and off-road capabilities. It’s lightweight enough for my Ford F150 3.5L Ecoboost truck to pull it while fully loaded with ski gear for multi-day adventures. And, at 15’11” long, this towable is easy to park and maneuver.

The Winnebago HIKE 100 is built compact with offset wheels providing the stability to go beyond the beaten path. That’s my style. The exoskeleton protects the roof and front cap when driving through tight spaces. It is also compatible with Thule accessories and a 2” receiver makes it ready to haul all the fun toys like skis, bikes, SUPs, and more. The higher clearance, upgraded suspension, and off-road tires make hauling on snowy and rough roads much smoother.

I love how the unit is extended-season ready. This means there are two-inch FILON MAX fiberglass sidewalls with Azdel Onboard composite panels and fully composite flooring which provides insulation and reduces heat loss in winter. The 111.5K BTU LP furnace is a game changer for staying warm and dry. 

The solar panel, battery, and shore power connection options allow for a variety of power sources for electronics to charge, as well as to provide the refrigerator and heater with power. During the winter, I run this as a dry camp with no water since I’m camping in negative temperatures. In the summer, the shower and toilet will be a lovely bonus!

My First Trip Out: Tips for a Successful Shakedown RV Trip

The maiden voyage for me in the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX was on a ski trip to the Tetons along the Wyoming and Idaho border. I called this the “Shakedown Tour.” A shakedown tour is when you figuratively dust the cobwebs off the systems and gear before fully relying on it going perfectly smoothly. 

This leaves room for learning, dialing in the process, and having a backup warm place to sleep! I recommend testing out any new camper setup in a place you can plug into power or go indoors to sleep before taking the unit off-grid where you rely on the remote capabilities - especially during cold winter months.

For my Shakedown Tour, I rented an RV space where I could plug into shore power, have easy access to water and bathrooms, and have the option for a heated community space. Moose Creek Ranch outside of Victor, Idaho, has RV spaces open during the winter with 20–50-amp power and water. 

The location is primo! It’s at the base of Teton Pass which is a mecca for backcountry skiing and snowmobiling. There are also miles of groomed cross-country ski and fat bike trails accessed from the ranch. Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Ski Resorts are within 30 miles. This gem is tucked away in the mountains along the forest with world-class winter recreation, and it is also conveniently a few miles from town. The entire property has WiFi, so I could work remotely (and write this blog from my Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX camper!).

This location was ideal for me as a professional skier, having access to amazing terrain during the day while also having reliable WiFi for working on an online pro avalanche course in the evenings. I made dinner in the kitchenette and stayed warm all night thanks to the Truma heater. The heater is fueled by propane and powered by the 30-amp connection. By running the heater on low throughout the night, I was able to avoid condensation.

First Impressions of the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX

I was thoroughly impressed with my first few nights and fell in love with this unit! There are so many versatile features that make it the perfect base camp for outdoor recreation. The durable storage boxes on the exterior are helpful for adjusting ski gear and having a space to set tools. The bathroom is ideal for gear storage. I was able to hang my skins, gloves, and outerwear in the bathroom to dry while also having a space for ski boots covered in snow. 

The living room space is so modular! I started with one couch down as my bed and set up the table in the remaining space to eat and work from. In the morning, I put both couches and the table up in storage position to have a large open space to do my pre-ski warm-up stretching routine. I’m excited to try out different configurations of this area.

Overall, the trailer has been easy to hook up and tow. My next adventure will be storm chasing to backcountry ski. I’ll sleep in the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX at the trailhead and test out the off-grid capabilities in the winter. Stay tuned for the next blog where I share tips and tricks for setting this unit up for ski base camp!

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I took my 2023 Hike out in 25 degree weather last month and ended up with condensation dtipping on the ceiling and walls of the rear cabinets by the outside wall and by the sink. How did you keep from that happening in the snow? I love my Hike, but I'd like to do something to fix that. Thank you. Sandra st germain
User commented on February 23, 2024 7:07 PM
Thank you for your comment! Proper ventilation is key in winter to allow the warm, humid air to escape when cooking and showering. Here are some other tips for managing condensation in winter:
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