Winnebago Wins Industry Accolades Across its Entire Product Line
Find out more about these award-winning motorhomes and towables.
By: GoLife Staff

You know how some years one movie wins awards in every category—like The Godfather and Avatar. Well, Winnebago has experienced similar success in 2021, earning 12 of the industry’s most prized awards from dealers, renowned RV publications and readers, spanning the entire product line. 

For starters, Winnebago earned the prestigious Quality Circle Award from the National RV Dealers Association (RVDA). The company was recognized for its Class A, B, and C Motorhomes and for its Towable lines. The awards are based on overall dealer satisfaction as measured by RVDA’s Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) survey.

In addition, in RV Magazine’s annual “Readers’ Choice Awards,” a survey of readers’ favorite products of the past year, Winnebago earned a Gold distinction for its Class B and C coaches, and Bronze for its Class A vehicles. 

Meanwhile, several notable trade publications recognized Winnebago for excellence as well. Check out the full list of trade publication awards below:

  • The New EKKO™ with Pop Top. This innovative Class C coach was recognized as: 
    • “RV of the Year Finalist” from RVBusiness
    • “Best New Model” from RV PRO
    • “Class C of the Year” from RV News
  • The New Micro Minnie® FLX. This compact high-tech camper earned:
    • “Top Debut” from RVBusiness
    • “Best New Model” from RV PRO
  • The New HIKE® 100Winnebago’s lightest, most rugged travel trailer received: 
    • “Top Debut” by RVBusiness
    • “2022 Lightweight Trailer of the Year” by RV News
  • The Voyage. This spacious Travel Trailer offers all the comforts of home, including sleeping space for four, in under 30 feet. It won:
    • “2022 Travel Trailer of the Year” by RV News

In response to the award wins, Winnebago Outdoors President Huw Bower remarked, “It is an honor to be recognized by the industry’s most trusted and respected authorities on RVs and Towables: the dealers and owners themselves. Winnebago’s mission is to manufacture high-quality, best-in-class products that meet the unique and evolving needs of our customers. Earning these awards is gratifying evidence of our hard work toward that end. We will always strive to continuously improve our products and services, and earn the titles bestowed upon us.”

It's never too soon to plan your next adventure in an award-winning RV or Towable. Check out Winnebago Insider for in-depth insights about all Winnebago products and for help in selecting the one that’s right for you. 


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User commented on April 19, 2022 12:36 AM
Where do it start bought 2019 towable first time out firnce did not work, roof panels where falling pulled through the nails and dvd radio did not work 1/2 the time water leak in the island took back to dealer that sold us the travel trailer roof not covered normal wear and tear raidio worked so no problem found. And the leak did not leak so no fix that did fix furnace bad ckt board. Next time we took on short trip hot water heater stopped working that looked at it npf not able to find the leak and radio worked ok now fix but charged for looking. In long trip repaired roof did not use radio and kept eye on leek drove from washington state to key west Florida tire went R and R tire on I 95 lost 2nd tire replaced the other 3 tires the self leveling sys quit working had to repair that system and the slide right side the floor came loose had it replaced back home. This last trip furnace stopped working, slide out of adjestment, and water leak from sink back dealer not able to find the roof and trim still falls in keep it up the best I can had to replace a window whould not stay up and less keep going out in the kitchen area we get a replacement radio after 2 years other than this we put 20,000 miles on the traler. Will put another 20k kn on it. I think roof panels, water leak and raidio are my biggest concerns I called Winnebago about roof that told me "As we drive in side is having earthquakes not much they can do for that" NOT A GOOD ANSWER. Other than that good traler.
User commented on November 20, 2022 10:12 PM
Are cabinets constructed out of wood?