Top 5 Winnebago EKKO Features Loved by Owners!
Highlights of this unique ultra-compact Class C motorhome, reviewed by RVers.
By: GoLife Staff

Love the spacious floorplan of a Class C but craving the more rugged adventures possible with a campervan? The Winnebago EKKO was made for you! 

This all-wheel-drive motorhome is an off-grid-capable and all-weather-ready Class C motorhome with an exterior size comparable to a camper van. And the newest EKKO models even offer a pop-top option, which doubles the sleeping capacity!

Top 5 Winnebago EKKO Features

These are the favorite features listed by EKKO owners James and Stef Adinaro of ‘The Fit RV.’

1. Compact Size 

At 23-ft in length, the EKKO has a similar exterior footprint to a camper van, but offers more space inside. It offers the living space of a Class C RV on a smaller frame. The best of both worlds!

2. Outdoor-Activity Friendly

The customizable gear garage in the EKKO offers plenty of storage for those with outdoor hobbies that require extra supplies – like bicycles or climbing equipment. It’s also off-grid and all-weather ready for those more rugged adventures.

3. Cat Friendly

For those with a pet cat traveling with them, a quick mod allows for a hidden-away litter box. A huge improvement from having to make room for it under the bed! 

4. Bed Options

Two twin beds can turn into one large bed for plenty of room to spread out and relax. This is definitely a lot more sleeping space than offered in van models. There’s more storage in the bedroom also!

5. Flexible Bathroom

The bathroom has a small footprint, but makes a large impact. The space can be used as either all shower or all restroom thanks to a smart, flexible design. Plus, with the Truma AquaGo ComfortPlus instant hot water heater, the bathroom also offers endless hot water!

EKKO Review by Owners

Watch the EKKO Insider review for insights from Winnebago Director of Product Management, Russ Garfin, and Winnebago Ambassadors and EKKO owners, James and Stefany Adinaro.


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