Top 5 Features of the Winnebago Roam Accessibility Enhanced Van
See why this camper van is ideal for someone who uses a wheelchair.
By: GoLife Staff

Learn more about the highlights of this camper van made specifically with people who use wheelchairs in mind. Thoughtful features incorporated in this design make travel much more comfortable and easier for those needing an accessibility enhanced vehicle. The Roam offers independence and peace of mind.

Top Features of the Winnebago Roam

1. Remote-Controlled Wheelchair Lift

The wheelchair lift has been efficiently integrated into the van chassis and includes remote operation, allowing for wheelchair users to get in and out of the vehicle on their own.

2. Open Floorplan

Roam’s open floorplan allows wheelchair users to navigate and turn around inside the van. The bathroom was also designed for easier transferring.

3. Cabinets and Controls Within Reach

The Roam includes pull-down cabinets and well-placed controls for easy access from a wheelchair. 

4. Tie-Downs for Wheelchair

Built-in tie-downs give a safe and secure space for your wheelchair when the Roam is on the move. It can even be used as an additional seat while traveling.

5. Easy to Drive

The Roam chassis is just under 20-ft long and is easy to handle in cities, making it ideal for travel and day-to-day transportation. It also includes a swivel chair driver’s seat to make getting in and out easier.

Winnebago Roam Review Video

Watch the Roam Insider review for insights from Winnebago Specialty Vehicles Product Manager, Colton Young, as well as a review by early user, hockey player, and avid outdoorswoman, Hanna Jorgenson.


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