No matter the season, Winnebago's Revel 4x4 RV has proven to be the ideal adventure mobile. Just ask the Holcombe family. Between product photo shoots and testing the vehicle out on trips of their own, they have come to love this all-season van. Better yet, check out some of the epic photos Peter has taken, in order to get a better understanding of why they rave about the Revel. Good luck trying to keep your wanderlust at bay!


Winnebago Revel parked on a bridge with paddle boarders passing on the water below.Enjoying the warming weather and the cold snow melt while stand-up paddleboarding down a river!

Winnebago Revel parked on the sandy landscape with rock formations behind it.Off-roading out in Shiprock, NM, on the quest for the perfect photo and a great boondocking spot.

Winnebago Revel parked at base of a rock structure, with two people climbing. Making use of the Revel's gear storage on a climbing trip. The mechanized bed that spans the back third of the RV allows for plenty of space for active travelers to bring their adventure supplies.


Winnebago Revel parked on the grass next to trees with a couple on a tree swing next to it.Peter captures a fun moment of a couple swinging, during a Revel product photo shoot.

Kathy driving the Winnebago away from the beach on a sandy path.Coming back from a day at the beach and ocean kayaking! Kathy fearlessly navigates through the sand.

Winnebago Revel parked beneath the night sky with the Milky Way and an approaching storm lighting the sky.Getting away from it all in the Utah desert led to a great night for stargazing and a surprise lightning show from a nearby thunderstorm.


Winnebago Revel parked on a bridge with a waterfall cascading down the hillside.Chasing waterfalls as the leaves begin to change.

Woman hiking back towards Winnebago Revel parked along side a road.Heading home to the Revel after an epic hiking adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Winnebago driving on a road through the Fall foliage.Hearing that familiar crunch under the tires as fall truly starts to show its colors!


Couple huddled together on the back bed of the Winnebago Revel looking out over the mountains as the sun rises.Cuddled up watching the sunset out of the Revel's back doors in Buena Vista, CO.

Couple sitting by a campfire outside their Winnebago Revel at night.Warming up by the fire after a fun day of exploring in Moab, UT.

Winnebago Revel driving over rough ground in the mountains.Testing out the 4x4 capabilities in the Colorado mountains, before hunkering down to take refuge from an unexpected snow storm.

From mountains to beaches and hundreds of adventure opportunities in between, where would you take the Revel?

Read more about the Revel here.


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