The fabrics we use inside our motorhome products must withstand the heat of Death Valley and the cold outside storage of a Minnesota winter. They need to be colorfast, durable and easy to clean. That's a lot to ask of a fabric and it's the reason that we use Ultraleather in many of our coaches.

Ultraleather is a synthetic leather fabric that, in many important ways, outperforms the real thing. It was developed by Ultrafabrics who supplies Winnebago and leading commercial office furniture companies like Haworth and Steelcase along with automotive manufacturers like GM and Ford.

To the touch, Ultraleather has a soft, buttery hand for luxurious comfort. It breathes well so that during long days of driving the fabric doesn't get wet or sticky, like inferior vinyl products. Unlike most leathers, it won't crack or dry out over time. Ultraleather is resistant to sun fading and, most importantly, resists stains and is very easy to clean.

Diagram showing the many layers of Ultraleather.

We see a lot of coachwork from competitors that use less expensive fabrics. When a motorhome is new, all the fabrics will look good. However, over time, many of these materials just don't hold up.

Worn leather. Here's the impact of heat and humidity on less-durable fabrics used by our competitors.

Ultraleather fabric in really nice condition.Winnebago's plush Ultraleather covers are higher quality and more durable.

Winnebago's Stitchcraft department has been upholstering RV furniture for over fifty years. With that track record, we have made more RV furniture than any other RV manufacturer. And while you may think a fabric is just a fabric, to our designers and production experts, fabric technology is both an art and a science. Using premium products like Ultraleather offers superior value, both for the years that you'll use and enjoy your motorhome and for its resale value at trade-in time.


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