Detailed Tour of the 2025 Winnebago View 24T
See what the Newstate Nomads love about this new floorplan!

By: GoLife Staff

Howard and Katelyn Newstate (@NewstateNomads) have been traveling in the 2025 Winnebago View 24T for about two months now and are excited to share all of their favorite features as well as what RV life looks like in this new floorplan.

This year, the Newstates will be testing out multiple Winnebago View/Navion floorplans in the search for their next RV – and the 24T is first on the list! Having owned a Winnebago Navion 24D for more than five years, they are thrilled to see what the newer models have to offer.

You can see their very first impression of the 2025 Winnebago View 24T in this video (spoiler: they say “wow” a lot!), then be sure to watch their in-depth tour with livability review in the video below.

Important Note: This is a pre-production RV, so some features and details may change before Winnebago officially puts the 2025 Winnebago View/Navion 24T into production.

2025 Winnebago View 24T Highlights

The video goes into much more detail of the many features of the 2025 Winnebago View 24T – including a description of the engine and chassis. However, here are some of the highlights the Newstates point out that make this floorplan great …

Reclining Seats with Murphy Bed

The innovative couch design in this Winnebago View provides cozy reclining seats that also fold over to allow the murphy bed to come down – with just a push of a button. You can leave all of your bedding on while the bed is folded up, and you can even put the bed down while the slide is in! 

This motorhome also has an over-cab queen size bed with air conditioning for additional sleeping space. Or you will be able to opt for a low-profile option that will increase the carrying capacity.

Flexible Dinette Space

The dinette area in the Winnebago View/Navion 24T features a fold-down table and collapsible chairs that allow you to have more floor space in the living area. The table easily flips up when you want to use it, and the chairs strap in next to it to keep them out of the way and secure when not in use.

Large Bathroom with Wardrobe

Katelyn Newstate was thrilled when she walked into the bathroom of this Winnebago View floorplan. The 24T has a large bathroom with a big shower that is 6’7” tall (to the skylight), includes a self-squeegee door, and even has a seat! 

However, the immense storage space in the wardrobe really made this long-time RVer smile. It spans the width of the RV and includes drawers as well as space to hang clothes – all in a convenient to reach area! Plus, there is a big medicine cabinet.

Ample Space in Kitchen 

The Newstates’ 24D floorplan is known to have one of the largest kitchens of any class C RV and this new Winnebago View/Navion 24T floorplan is comparable in size, just in an L-shaped configuration. The kitchen features a large sink with a cover that doubles as a cutting board, retractable faucet, as well as both induction and propane options on the cook top. 

As for storage, there is a large fridge (10 cubic feet!), a big cabinet above the sink, built-in spice rack, large (lighted!) kitchen drawers below the cook top, and a pull-out pantry next to the fridge.

“Game-Changing” Gear Garage

This is one of the features that the Newstates are the most excited about. The garage has three access doors, is insulated as well as heated, and has an L-track system to secure larger items like bicycles. 

Katelyn using herself to help show the size of the gear garage!

Having so much room for storage is a dream for many RVers – especially those who spend extended time on the road. It has already been put to good use by this adventurous couple.

Be sure to follow along with the Newstates on YouTube for more videos with insights on this and other 2025 Winnebago View/Navion floorplans!


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