Last week I went to Crestview RV in Buda, TX and picked up our new Winnebago Brave. For the past 18 months, my wife, Alyssa, and I have lived and traveled in a 21 year old Coachmen RV. At 24 years old, we are young for your typical RVers, but quickly fell in love with the lifestyle and freedom of being able to work and live anywhere in the country.

As we shopped for RVs, one RV stuck out to me. It's the new (or old?) Winnebago Brave, a throwback from the classic Winnebago that was popular in the 70's. As soon as I saw it, I told Alyssa that we should get it. It's the ideal balance of old and new, taking a new age spin on a classic, which perfectly fits our RVing personality.

When buying a new RV, everyone has different criteria for what they are looking for. As a person who lives, works, and travels in his RV full-time, we had a few reasons why we decided to go with the Winnebago Brave.

25 + 1 Reasons Why We Bought a Winnebago Brave:

Winnebago Brave parked at campsite among other RVs and trees.

#1 How awesome does that RV look? ... just look at it. Awesome. I know.

Front end of Winnebago Brave.

#2 The brave is the perfect mixture of classic and retro.

Cabinet above couch.

#3 These little lights make me feel like I'm in a 50's diner. Where's my milk shake?

Upper cabinets that slid open to reveal food storage.

#4 Wait... these slide open? Yes, that is cool.

Automatic leveling jack control panel.

#5 There are automatic leveling jacks. Basically, if the Jetson's had an RV it would be this one.

Bedroom cabinetry and TV.

#6 The wood doesn't have that awful laminate coating. Yuck... instead it's pretty.

Large kitchen sink.

#7 The sink goes on for days (oh, and you can detach the faucet, what what!).

Kitchen of Winnebago Brave.

#8 The backsplash is trendy and shiny, unlike the horrendous wallpaper that's been used in all RVs since 1985.

Thermostat in Winnebago Brave.

#9 You can actually adjust the temperature with a thermostat, just like in a house. In our former RV, we had only one AC unit with two settings: hi or lo.

Commercial-sized fridge.

#10 There is a commercial-sized fridge in here. Which means it can fit an entire pizza box and that's all I care about. Plus, it doesn't run off propane, which means when I park on a hill, the fridge won't blow up (Don't worry, I haven't done that before... okay, I totally have. Don't judge.)

Hidden corner shelving.

#11 There are hidden cabinet doors that pop out. Basically it's like having secret rooms for your RV. But instead of being able to climb through the hidden book shelf, your wife decorates them nice flowers and coffee.

Alyssa working on her laptop at the dinette.

#12 Both the wife and I can have separate work stations. (She gets the dinette. I claimed the cool little table between the two front seats.)

Table between the front chairs.

#13 Oh, did I mention the chairs turn around? We could entertain six people in this thing!

Bluetooth speaker on dash.

#14 We can blare music and have a dance party... inside or outside, using the bluetooth speaker.

Side of the Winnebago Brave.

#15 Honestly, I just think the "W" in the Winnebago is really classy. Seriously, it's cool. Kind of like Wonder Woman, but manlier.

TV rising up from the counter.

#16 I probably should have saved the coolness factor for my last one, but I couldn't wait any longer. THE TV RISES UP OUT OF THE COUNTER. I know... mind blown. That's innovation, folks.

Backside of the Winnebago Brave.

#17 We can nickname our RV 'Merica the Brave. Because she is red and white on the outside and blue on the inside... and it's a Brave. #mericathebrave.

Heath driving along a busy highway.

#18 The views out this giant front window are incredible.

Tray with a laptop on it in front of the passenger seat.

#19 They have a desk for the passenger seat. Now Alyssa can work and write as we drive down the road.

King sized bed in the bedroom.

#20 KING SIZED BED. Our home on wheels just got homier.

Old black and white photo of a couple sitting outside their Winnebago with mountains in the background

#21Winnebago is literally the most well known RV in the entire world. People associate Winnebago with the actual term RV.

Winnebago Trend hanging upside down about to be drop tested.

#22 Winnebago's actually have a real shell around their RV. They even do this awesome thing called a drop test where they raise their RV's using a crane and drop them.


#23 The GPS is on tracks so my wife can type in the destination and slide in front of me. Plus, it tells me where there are low-clearance bridges and Walmart's that will let us stay the night for free. Woohoo!

Ice maker in the freezer.

#24 The fridge has an ice maker. I forgot what ice tasted like because our old fridge didn't have one. As it turns out, pretty much still tastes the same as I remember, but it's nice to have!

Winnebago Brave with slides out parked in campsite.

#25 The length. At 33' our Brave allows us to navigate narrow roads in state parks, but definitely gives us a lot more room than our 29' class c motorhome.

Heath and Alyssa holding a sold sign and smiling in front of their Winnebago Brave.

#26 It was the right RV for us.

The Brave, in just about every single way, felt like the right fit for Alyssa and I. We loved that it was a retro throwback. In my eyes, it feels like I'm helping to bring back the roots of recreational travel. Escaping the big city to be in nature, seeking adventure, and doing it all with family. More so than any other reason on this list (other than perhaps the TV), this was the number one reason why we chose the Winnebago Brave, because we felt like it was symbolic of who we are and the way we want to live our lives.

Here's to a new chapter in our RVing lives.


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