WIT Member Spotlight: Meeting Instant Friends Through Winnebago
How a solo traveler made meaningful connections in owner groups.

By: GoLife Staff

When Shirley Best decided to take her Winnebago Solis to her very first owner event earlier this year, she was mostly just curious to see what it was like to be around other owners and pick up any helpful tips they may have to offer. However, she quickly realized that these meetups offered an opportunity to make lasting friendships and deep connections with others who have similar interests. 

Making Meaningful Connections in Winnebago Owner Groups

Shirley didn’t know anyone when she attended her first meetup in May, but she left feeling like she was truly part of the Winnebago family. She notes that the friendliness and welcoming nature of the event “far exceeded” her expectations and that she left with “instant friends.” 

One person she connected with particularly quickly is Ann who shares similar travel interests and is great company. That first meetup marked “the beginning of a remarkably close friendship,” Shirley explains. “We can talk about anything and everything and laugh together - we especially enjoy teasing each other. She is kind, gentle, generous, adventurous, and - as described by another instant friend - a quiet bolt of thunder.” 

Shortly after that first event, Shirley made sure to sign up for WIT Club to have more opportunities to attend events and connect with fellow owners as well as the internal Winnebago team. She also booked a spot at Winnebago’s Grand National Rally and invited Ann to “moochdock” in her driveway before taking off on their first trip together to GNR. 

Meanwhile, Shirley also began another close friendship with fellow Solis owner Debbie through the Winnebago Solis Owners and Wannabees Facebook group. After realizing how well they got along and that they were less than four hours away from each other, they planned a camping trip to meet in person.

“Before leaving to meet me at the campsite, Debbie’s daughter asked her if she would like a call to rescue her if we didn’t click in person. Debbie said no, she was confident that we’d be fine, and we were. Stealing a description from another friend, Debbie is very connected to life and adventure. In conversation, she is fully engaged and present,” Shirley shares. 

They had a lovely time talking and playing games during their first trip together, so Shirley invited Debbie to join her and Ann at the Grand National Rally the following month - noting the comradery among the Winnebago owners as a top reason to go. Debbie was already a member of WIT, so she joined the Winnie Bs as well and signed up to attend GNR.

The Life-Changing Impact of Kindred Travel Friends

When the three women met up at GNR, Shirley describes it as “an instant pairing of kindred travelers.” It didn’t take long for Ann, Debbie, and Shirley to start planning adventures together. “The pre-rally and the rally were 10 days of meeting more friends, seminars, dancing, and lots of laughs. We left GNR with great memories and many trip plans.” They have even started planning an extended trip to Montana and the Pacific Northwest in 2023!

As a solo traveler, meeting like-minded friends to talk to and plan trips with has made a huge positive impact on Shirley’s RV life. She originally purchased her Solis 59PX as a way to safely travel to see her kids during the COVID highs, but she has gained much more than she expected through the WIT Club, Winnie Bs group, and Winnebago Solis Owners and Wannabees Facebook group. “It is amazing how many solo traveling soulmates I have found through Winnebago travel groups,” Shirley happily shares.

She has enjoyed being part of these groups so much that she also recently became VP of the Winnie Bs and she notes how refreshing it is to have such a passionate group to work with.

Shirley mentions she has made friends from a variety of backgrounds, but they are all able to have a good time together. She already has many inside jokes with her Winnebago family. One of the special things about being part of these RVer communities is that, “you learn to connect fast since you may not be together long.” 

However, the great thing about RVing is that you can plan your travels around seeing or adventuring with your RVer friends – something Shirley plans to do often. She estimates that getting connected with the Winnebago community and making new travel friends will probably boost her usage of her Solis at least fifty percent! 

We hope this story of finding a cherished community on the road inspires you to get involved in the various Winnebago owner groups to meet like-minded traveler friends of your own! 

Learn more about WIT Club and the multiple groups available to join here


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User commented on August 27, 2022 7:48 AM
I was one of the lucky ones to meet Shirley and Ann at the May meetup. What a treasure we have in meeting new and interesting folks through our common love of our Winnebagos and the travel they inspire. See you out there, Shirley!
User commented on August 27, 2022 8:40 AM
Way to go, Shirley!
User commented on March 20, 2023 8:18 AM
I also met a new friend at an Escapees RV Boot Camp, which was a weekend seminar intended to help new RVers be as informed as possible. Like the ladies in this story, we hit it off instantly. My RV was a Winnebago View, and her's was a Class A of a different brand, but we met up after the Boot Camp for a few days at a different RV park, and are still good friends 2 years later. One comment I would make to Winnebago is that I hope you are looking for easier ways to dump the tanks for those of us who are getting older but want to keep RVing. For me, that is the hardest part, having to lean over so far (I can't squat because of knee issues), and reach so far to unscrew the cap.
User commented on March 20, 2023 12:57 PM
Thanks so much for sharing your story! And I will pass on this great feedback. -GoLife Blog Editor