The new Brave and Tribute models have generated a lot of press and praise for their updated take on Winnebago's classic design. Recently I came across the original Brave design that served as an inspiration for contemporary sculptor Tom Sachs.

Winnebago Brave as part of a display by sculptor Tom Sachs.

In 2012 Sachs created a huge temporary installation inside the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. It was a fanciful take on a Mars Space Program that featured a, let's say, HIGHLY modified Winnebago acting as a mobile quarantine facility.

Space suit in Winnebago Brave.The Armory's site describes Sach's exhibit:

"Beneath the compulsive tinkerer's mentality and ribald wit that permeate SPACE PROGRAM: MARS, and Sachs' work at-large, is a conceptual underpinning that addresses serious and profound issues--namely the commodification of abstract concepts such as originality, shock, newness, and mystery--expressing them in the personal and physical terms of production and process. With the recent shuttering of NASA's shuttle program and the shifting focus towards privatized space travel, SPACE PROGRAM: MARS takes on timely significance within Sachs's work, which provokes reflection on the haves and have-nots, utopian follies and dystopian realities, while asking barbed questions of modern creativity that relate to conception, production, consumption, and circulation."

Sach Space Installation

Sach's work is highly dimensional and he draws inspiration from space, everyday products, vintage technology. His work is on display in galleries throughout the US and Europe.

Close up portrait of Tom Sachs

For more you can visit Tom Sach's website by clicking here.



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