Have you ever noticed that RVers are extremely happy? That was one of the first things that caught our attention when Sabrina and I started going to campgrounds. Perfect strangers would come right up to us and strike up a conversation. Some would even offer to help us set up our coach -- I guess we looked really clueless while fumbling around with our connections at the beginning.

So, what makes the RV community so happy and friendly? Does dumping your own waste really put you in that good of a mood??? I have a few theories and I hope to hear some ideas from readers as well.

Vacation Mentality?

My first thought was most people at the RV parks are on vacation and the feeling of getting away from it all would, of course, put most people in a good mood. I thought this was a solid reason except for the fact that a lot of RVers aren't on vacation at all. Some use their RVs to travel for work, or they live in their RVs and own a mobile business.

Plus, as far as vacations go, we have stayed at many hotels and resorts and it's rare that someone comes up to us and starts a conversation and wants to know everything about us, let alone says "Hey do you need help settling into your room? I can carry your bags for you."

Sabrina in ATV with friend

Sabrina takes a ride with our Youtube friends, Camping with the Kelly's. They also travel full-time and always have their toys with them!

Rolling in Green?

Maybe it's a money thing. RVs can be expensive, so people who have them must have more money than they know what to do with, right?

This made sense at first, until we started talking with people at the campgrounds and found out most of them were able to RV on the cheap. They had smaller RVs or travel trailers or they purchased used ones and fixed them up themselves. Many people also dry camp or boondock often and just do the occasional campsite to recharge and empty their tanks.

It quickly became clear to us that the type, size or cost of an RV did not reflect the good vibes we picked up from everyone or why they were so happy.

Family of five smiling for photo in front of travel trailer. Everyone is wearing tie dye shirts

This family of five does extended trips in their 15-ft travel trailer. Look at those smiles!

A Stress-Free Life?

Could RV travel be considered a less stressful way to vacation? Most of the RV parks and campgrounds we go to are very tranquil. When we take our first steps out of our door and breathe in the fresh air of a new day, it is wonderful and just melts away our stress.

Also, in our case we literally have everything we own on us at all times. There is never that moment of panic of forgetting to pack something since we can bring it all with us. We can even bring our pet with us to join in on the fun. Belle, our little dog has never been turned away at a campground and she gets to experience and smell all the new places we visit. After all, we are pretty sure she sees the world through her nose. So, it must be a stress-free lifestyle that puts everyone in an awesome mood!

Sabrina and friend walking dogs in front of Vista

Although the pups are usually happy, RVing isn't always stress-free for the humans.

Sadly, I feel like I need to debunk this reason as well. RV travel can be stressful at times. There can be mechanical issues while traveling, roads you can not travel on with an RV, there are crazy drivers around you that you always need to be aware of, and there will be times that you pull into a rest area ready to stop for the night only to find there are no spots left.

So, if it's not freedom from stress or any of my other theories, what makes us so happy to be in our RV?


This brings me to my final thoughts, and what I believe is the answer. RVers are out doing what they love -- even though it may not be perfect all the time. That, combined with the feeling of exploration as they travel to new locations and experience everything a new area has to offer, makes it hard to be unhappy. Most importantly, they are doing this while being surrounded with other like-minded people.

Sabrina and Kenny standing with six friends in front of motorhomes

Thanksgiving get together with four groups of full-time RVers.

When we are out of that element and tell friends or family that we are planning on spending a few days somewhere off-grid with no water or electricity, they give us a crazy look and ask why we would want to go back to the middle ages. When you tell someone in the RV community they say, "Oh you're going to love it, and you should spend more than just a few days!"

The RV community is very supportive and always ready to lend a helping hand. They want you to succeed and share this wonderful experience with others. The positives of RVing far outweigh the negatives. The freedom and sense of adventure that it brings, as well as the satisfaction of being able to work around a problem on our own or with help from others, is very rewarding.

Two people getting kayak ready

Happy RVers getting ready for the weekend!

Smiles are contagious, and we love when we pull into a new campground and are greeted with so many smiling faces and friendly waves. So, keep them coming and pass them onto others as they enter this wonderful, happy community.

You can follow along with Kenny & Sabrina's happy adventures on their YouTube channel: Moving Forward.


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