Top 4 Benefits of Traveling in a Small RV
Plus, why the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX is a great compact travel trailer!

By: Austin & Kirsten Lawrence (@adv4two)

Throughout our travels over the past two years, we have discovered many benefits due to the compact size of the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of small RV life that have made our travels more enjoyable and less stressful. We all know that the space inside an RV is truly valuable; however, the dimensions of your RV also affect your travel. The compact size makes smaller RVs easy to maneuver and park – this is especially true when eliminating the stress of navigating larger, bulkier trailers. 

The Winnebago HIKE 100 stands out as a fantastic compact camper for several reasons. Primarily, its size does not compromise on functionality. Despite its smaller footprint, all five models of the Winnebago HIKE 100 are cleverly designed to maximize interior space, providing a cozy yet efficient living area. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals or couples looking for an easy-to-manage camper without sacrificing comfort. 

Here are some of the top reasons we think traveling in a small RV is beneficial ...

1. Easier Maneuverability

The Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX offers flexibility, easy maneuverability, and access to off-grid locations. It allows you to seamlessly combine road travel with outdoor adventures. We enjoy getting to access remote and scenic locations that may be inaccessible to larger motorhomes or travel trailers. This opens a world of possibilities for exploration, from hidden campsites nestled in the wilderness to scenic overlook spots along winding mountain roads.

Towing our Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX with our Ram 1500 crew cab truck does add some length. But thanks to the compact size of the travel trailer, we can park in normal pull-through parking spaces. When we say normal, we mean two spots deep of course. 

Navigating parking lots can be a challenge with any RV. We all know that most parking lots are not RV friendly and can become very over-crowded. However, with the Winnebago HIKE 100 having an overall length of sixteen feet, we have found that we are able to move in and around parking lots with no trouble at all. This makes grabbing those last-minute groceries and supplies a cinch. 

During our travels and adventures, we have encountered plenty of tight spaces. Whether it is parking, backing up, or taking small-town turnarounds, it is easier to maneuver with our travel trailer's smaller size. We have found that the Winnebago HIKE 100 performs amazingly within these circumstances, even making U-turns! Additionally, the compact size makes it easier to find parking, whether it is at a campground, a national park, or in a bustling city – saving both time and money on accommodation and transportation.

2. Savings on Fuel, Camping & More!

Another advantage of traveling in a small RV is the cost effectiveness it offers. With lower fuel consumption and reduced campground fees, compared to larger RVs, travelers can stretch their budget further. With gas prices fluctuating every day, we have found fuel consumption is low with the compact size of the Winnebago HIKE 100. And maintenance is also exceptionally low, due to the smaller size making it easier for us to accomplish the tasks on our own. Freeing up resources such as this lets you add to or even extend your adventures and experiences!

3. Freedom & Flexibility 

One of the most significant benefits of traveling in a small RV is the freedom it affords. Unlike larger motorhomes that may be restricted by size limitations or regulations, compact RVs can go virtually anywhere - providing flexibility and spontaneity in travel plans. Whether it is a last-minute change of destination or an impromptu detour to explore a hidden gem, small RV owners have the freedom to adapt their journey to suit their preferences. And with fewer systems to manage, setting up camp becomes a breeze with more time to relish the natural surroundings.

A smaller RV size allows for access to more secluded spots that larger vehicles might struggle to reach. Whether nestled in a quiet forest clearing or setup beside a lake, compact campers empower adventurers to embrace nature in its purest form, away from crowded campgrounds and tourist hubs. Whether it is stargazing or waking up to the sound of birds chirping, small RVs offer a unique way to experience the natural world up close.

Traveling in the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX has encouraged us to gain a closer connection with nature, granting us the freedom to explore diverse camping locations. The travel trailer is designed to manage various terrains, opening possibilities for adventurous journeys beyond traditional campgrounds … which is where you will find us. 

With the camper's rugged off-road capabilities and durable construction, it is built to withstand the rigors of exploration, from rough terrain to inclement weather conditions. After a long day of hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a campfire under the stars, the Winnebago HIKE 100 also provides a comfortable base camp for our outdoor activities.

4. Promotes Sustainable Practices

With a compact RV that also has efficient use of resources, you can minimize your environmental footprint making it an eco-friendly choice for sustainable travel. Plus, it encourages a minimalist lifestyle, reducing waste and encouraging sustainable practices such as energy conservation and recycling. “Leave No Trace” is a huge topic within the RV and overlanding lifestyle. We all want to enjoy nature’s beauty and keep it clean for future generations to experience.

Traveling with the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX over the last two years has encouraged us to have a simpler and more minimalist lifestyle approach. With limited space, we have noticed that we focus more on the adventures and experiences rather than material possessions. 

It encourages more outdoor interaction, sharing of experiences at campgrounds and off-grid locations, and creating lasting memories. The compact layout encourages minimalism, forcing travelers to prioritize what they truly need and leaving behind unnecessary clutter.

As you can see, the appeal of the Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX and other compact RVs lies in their practicality and simplicity. Easy to tow, set up, and maintain, our travel trailer enables us to focus more on our outdoor experience rather than just staying inside. And the versatility allows for exploration in off-the-beaten-path destinations.

For those seeking a hassle-free and immersive outdoor camping adventure, we believe the Winnebago HIKE 100 can be an ideal gateway to simplicity and the unspoiled beauty of the great outdoors.


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User commented on June 16, 2024 12:19 PM
We’ve had three Winnebago Class-C motorhomes. Two were 32’ and our last was a View 24J at 26’. Planning a hiatus before we travel the country we sold our beloved View that we bought new and used for 5 1/2 years. After 3 months we felt such a void in our lives we quickly researched small travel trailers and a bought our fourth Winnebago product, a 2023 Micro Minnie 1800BH. I refused to buy a slide model because I want simplicity in the structure. We never had a slide issue in any of our motorhomes but want something durable to travel off the grid and unimproved roads. As a senior couple that sometimes has a grandchild join us the bunk model provides copious storage and extra bed space. We couldn’t be more thrilled having this small trailer and all the benefits it provides. The Hike isn’t for us, but I definitely can see the benefits and agree. I frequently tell my wife that I feel liberated, not flat towing our Jeep and the ease of setup of our small travel trailer. Thanks Winnebago for a great product.
User commented on June 17, 2024 7:50 PM
Thank you for sharing! The Winnebago team is thrilled to know how pleased you are with your Micro Minnie. Wishing you wonderful travels!