(When you read this you may find it hard to believe that it's written by a ten-year-old. RV stories are usually written by retirees or older adventurers. Many of today's RVers started out as kids traveling with their families and those times together form memories that last a lifetime. We welcome Abby Holcombe as a periodic contributor to GoLife and look forward to seeing the world anew through her youthful perspective. Don Cohen, Editor GoLife.)

by Abby Holcombe

On June 16, 2014 my family and I headed out on a remarkable journey. We bought an RV, and put a for sale sign in our old front yard. We were going to travel full-time. The most popular question that we get from people we meet is "What do you do for school?" The answer surprises most people who assume that I am homeschooled. I actually participate in an online school. It is called Colorado Connections Academy. I have a real teacher which is a big relief for my mom.

Since I have a real teacher we meet virtually similar to Skype, FaceTime. or any other video calling systems with 60 other students. It is just like being in a classroom. My teacher can even break us up into many groups. We can also talk and "text" each other throughout the lesson.

However, as all things in life, it does have a few problems. The biggest problem for me is when I have a question I have to wait for my mom to finish her work so she can help me or plan B, email my teacher. My teacher is really busy and sometimes she can't answer my questions on the spot like at a normal school so I usually have to wait an hour or two for a satisfactory response. I also have to be very responsible to have the self motivation to actually open up my laptop to complete my schoolwork.

On a high note, most kids spend 8 hours of school including homework. (A) I DON"T HAVE HOMEWORK! BAHAHA (B) I can do the same amount of school as a brick & mortar student in just 2 short hours as an average. (C) I don't have to just sit at a desk I could do my school in a hammock! Also, I am a whitewater kayaker and I am very active. I can move around my schedule to fit me! Which is great!

Because we are traveling around the country I don't just read about something, I SEE IT! For instance a few months ago we went to the Vicksburg Battle Field. I was reading in my textbook about Vicksburg. LIGHT BULB! I remember that place! I have been there! This is so cool! Online school isn't for everyone. But it sure does fit me and my traveling family!


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