One of the most exciting changes James and I have seen in the RV world lately is HOW people are RVing.

Group of people with kayaks and gear.

There's definitely been a shift to a more active RV lifestyle, and it's not just the RVers themselves. Even RV manufacturers like Winnebago have stepped up and are offering products that cater to more outdoorsy types. We couldn't be more thrilled to be witnessing firsthand this changing dynamic.

Winnebago product display at a raceway.

I remember many years ago when we started The Fit RV, with our mission to promote a more healthful RV lifestyle, James and I couldn't get any interest in our Fit RVing message. We'd practically beg RV rallies and events to let us come and lead workouts or sessions...and we'd either get ignored, a curt "no", or would get laughed at with something like, "yeah we tried that once, no one's interested".

Group of people with pets walking a trail.Winnebago Grand National Rally 2015 Fun Run/Walk

Boy, have things changed! We get requests all the time now to promote healthy RVing, more than we can possibly manage, and it isn't because we're doing anything differently. It's because the INTEREST in healthy RVing is different!

Planning Your Fit-Focused RV Trip:

Man prepping bikes at the back of Winnebago Travato.

If you're one of the many RVers with a growing interest in a more healthful RV lifestyle, you've got to start way before the trip even begins. Healthy RVing starts with the planning. Here are some of our favorite strategies that will ensure your travels remain fit-focused:

Don't stay in one place too long (explore!).

One of our best Fit RVing strategies is to move frequently during your trips. If you are headed out on a month long trip for example, and you stay in the same RV park the entire time, you'll probably tire of exploring your surroundings. You're more likely to remain back at the RV and settle into a "home-like" routine. But if you change your surroundings more frequently, there will be new places to explore and novel experiences to hold your interest. When you plan your road trips, keep in mind how long you really need in one place to keep it feeling like "vacation" verses "home."

Bikers resting on a trail.RVers in "vacation" mode.

Take lessons or sign up for guided experiences.

Gear your trip around an active learning experience. You could seek out lessons in various sports (like golf or tennis) or perhaps experiences with an expert guide in things like rock climbing, star-gazing hikes, bird-watching, etc. On our past trips, James and I have done things like all-day guided experiences in whitewater rafting, scuba-diving, snorkeling, ocean kayaking, and even dance lessons...all of which ended up enriching our trips and leaving us with fond (and in the case of dancing, slightly comical) memories.

Rafters going over large rapid.Look for more active group RV events.

If you're a more socially-inclined RVer and you enjoy group RV trips and rallies, seek out ones that offer more active experiences. Check the schedule of events and make sure there are things offered each day to keep you moving. It also helps to seek out like-minded RVers who share your interest in staying healthy and active on the road. When you're surrounded by others who want to stay active, you're more likely to stay active.

Plan a trip to an outdoorsy or fitness event.

Make fitness be the entire focus of your trip by heading to an interesting event that could either be competitive or fun-focused.

James and Stef with their bikes at the back of their Winnebago Travato.James and I at a "Ride with the Pros" event.

While you could always do a traditional 5K fun run/walk, you can also find events that involve silly costumes, glowstick night run/walks, zombie races, getting colored powder thrown on you, and even scavenger hunts. Or. . . if pickleball, golf, or some other sport is your "thing," do a search for a tournament happening somewhere you'd like to visit.

James and Stef exercising outside their Winnebago Travato.

Bottom line is this. If you PLAN for a fit-focused trip, you're going to HAVE a fit-focused trip. Because really gang, there are no vacations from fitness, there just can't be. It has to be part of your everyday life to age well. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing! With some good planning and some exciting activity-focused destinations, who knows? Maybe it'll be the best trip you've ever taken!



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