James and I just got back from a fantastic RV trip to California. We did a little bit of everything while there; beach camping, desert resort glamping, RV parks, and yes, even the inevitable Walmart stay.

Stef and James taking a selfie on a bike path along the water.Selfie stop during a beach bike ride south of Santa Barbara

That's where I was when the Boot Camping idea hit me. (California, not Walmart.) I was actually out for a beach jog, just north of Ventura on a gorgeous stretch of beach that allows RV camping only...no cars, no tents.

Yellow Winnebago Travato visible over line of rocks along the beach.Our yellow Travato "Lance" is hard to miss!

My best ideas always seem to happen while running; well okay my WORST ideas seem to happen when running too, so there is that. But I'm pretty sure Boot Camping will remain on the "best" side of things.

Here's what it is:

Boot Camping is the new trend in getting fit for RVers. Well, at least I HOPE to make it a trend. That's where you come in. Every Friday on The Fit RV website, I've started posting a weekly Boot Camping Challenge for RVers. I give RVers one exercise that's RV park & campground friendly, and challenge y'all to do it each day. There's a beginner and advanced version of each exercise, so you can pick which one seems more appropriate for you.

Stef working out with ocean in the background.Advanced Boot Camping at Malibu Beach RV Park

Now, just for you fellow Winnebago owners and lovers, I've gone an extra step and put together an entire Boot Camping workout plan for you! Hopefully this will get you in the swing of Boot Camping and wanting more. This is a beginner and senior-friendly Boot Camping workout, so if you're more inclined for advanced exercises, you'll have to check out the weekly Boot Camping exercises over on The Fit RV instead.

My challenge for you Winnebago Boot Camping beginners is to give this workout a try every day for 7 days straight. Add 30 or more minutes of moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise too (power walking, jogging, biking, hiking, etc), and you'll be golden. And THEN! Each Friday be looking for the new Boot Camping Challenge coming your way over on The Fit RV site. See if you can stick with doing the weekly Boot Camping challenges all summer long! While I wish I'd have a nice tangible reward for you if you do, the only thing you'll get from participating is:


Which if you ask me is WAY better than a t-shirt.

Beginner Boot Camping Workout

Directions: Do each of these 4 exercises in a "circuit," meaning you'll complete one set of each exercise, and then move on to the next. Repeat the circuit 3 times through.

TABLE BOX: While always facing the same direction, circumnavigate the picnic table by sidestepping the long sides, walking backwards on one end, and forwards on the other.

Stef working out in the grass next to a picnic table.

So, you're moving in a rectangle pathway around the table but never turning your body from the direction it faced when you started. Making sure you stay safe, move as quickly as you can. At each corner, stop and rise to your tippy toes (perform a calf raise), then quickly continue on doing your laps around the table. Do 6 laps clockwise, then 6 laps counterclockwise.

TABLE PLANKED KNEE CRUNCHES: Place your hands on the table top and step your feet away so that your body is planked diagonally.

Stef working out on the grass next to a picnic table.

Lift your right knee and lower your head as if trying to get your knee and nose to meet. As you do this, focus on tightening your abs, and drawing your belly button back towards your spine. Then, extend your right leg straight back without touching it down and squeeze as hard as you can in your right-side glute muscles and lift your head so that chin is slightly in front of nose. Do 12 on your right, then 12 on your left.

TABLE GETUPS: Start sitting at the picnic table, as you would if you were eating dinner. Then "get up" as you normally would.

Stef working out on the grass next to a picnic table.

Swing your legs over the seat, use your hands to push on the tabletop and assist, and finish by standing with your back to the table and your arms stretched up to the ceiling. Sit back down by following the same pathway you used to stand up. Then, alternate sides you stand up on. Do 6 getting up on your left, and 6 getting up on your right.

TABLE DUCK ROWS: Face the top of the table and hold a squatted position (hips drive backwards, weight's on heels, head & chest are up).

Stef working out on the grass next to a picnic table.

Reach your hands for the table top so that your arms are straight. As hard as you can push your palms down into the tabletop. Then, pull your shoulder blades together and drive your elbows out to the sides and behind you, squeezing your shoulder blades together as hard as you can. That squeeze right there is called scapular adduction. Look at that, you learned a new fitness term today! Stick with me, I'll have you talking like a trainer in no time. Do 12 reps, remaining in the squatted position the entire time (legs don't move).

AND THAT'S IT! I'm really excited about the upcoming Boot Camping craze (oh come on, it could happen!), and sure hope you'll be part of it! Now what are you waiting for, GET GOING!



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