Are you ready for some football? Or maybe just a cooler change in the weather and the hint of fall colors just beginning to start? But, we're not quite done yet.

With the Colorado Rockies in our backyard we took full advantage of sunny mountain days and cool mountain breezes and spent a couple of weeks in some favorite spots. One of those places is Creede, a charming old mining town with a professional acting company that's been going strong for forty-nine years. You can watch the video by clicking here.

Just a couple of weeks ago Fortune magazine did an in-depth story on Winnebago that chronicles the company's roaring comeback. If you're an owner, dealer or potential customer, the Fortune story is well worth reading. You can read the story by clicking here.

And there's an even more compelling story behind the story with an in-depth interview with the company's CEO, Randy Potts. They say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, however after you read Potts' story, you'll see that the key ingredient in that formula is preparation. 

Photo: Sangre de Cristo morning at the Grape Creek RV Park in Westcliffe, CO


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