"I cannot believe I'm doing this." These are the words I said to myself as I pulled away from the RV dealership outside of San Antonio, Texas.

I had just purchased a 2016 Winnebago View 24J and was set to begin driving it home to Bainbridge Island, Washington. I was scared, overwhelmed, excited, nervous, nauseous and exhilarated. I hadn't felt this way since my wedding night.

As the beauty of the open highway unfolded before me, I remember the salesman telling me what an excellent choice I had made and how many adventures were in store for me. After I was driving for a while, I silently thanked him. I had to. I was hoarse from giddily screaming like a teenage girl at a Taylor Swift concert.

My love affair with recreational vehicles started when I was a young lad. My grandparents owned several travel trailers and motorhomes throughout their lives, and I was always happy to tag along. I loved the freedom of being on the open highway, seeing new places and the thrill of being in a house on wheels. I will always cherish those memories.

Rodney's grandma standing in doorway of a travel trailer

My beautiful grandmother. I have self-titled this, 'Trouble at the Trailer Park.'

Traveling for work ... and pleasure

Someone once said, if you find something you love to do, you'll never work a day in your life. I love my work, and I have traveled for my job almost exclusively for 30 years. In addition to being an actor, writer, professional host, and business owner, I have had the good fortune to perform stand-up comedy all over the world.

Almost all of the touring I did in North America had me driving from city to city, town to town, and everywhere in between. I've performed at comedy clubs, bowling alleys, bars, theatres, rodeo arenas, stadiums, curling rinks, and even center court at an NBA game (and that's just a small sampling). I'll let you guess which was the hardest.

The thing I loved almost as much as making people laugh was that I got to road trip practically everywhere. There is nothing quite like having a happy memory in your rear-view mirror and the open road unfolding in front of you.

Young Rodney pretending to drive a toy car

I was ready to road trip at a young age.

My passion for travel goes beyond touring for chuckles. In addition to sightseeing in my RV, I long distance ride on a BMW K1600GT and track ride on an S1000RR. I have been fortunate to ride motorcycles all over the globe. Most recently in Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, and Japan.

Japanese RV

If you want to see what an RV looks like in Japan, check this out. It's what happens when an average-sized RV gets wet and then put in the dryer.

Future travels

Now that this beautiful Winnebago View 24J has entered the stable, my road trips will take on a whole new dimension. The convenience of having a luxury motorhome will open up all sorts of new opportunities and adventures. The Winnebago View has every amenity I could imagine and even a few I can't. It has extended my motorcycle riding season by months as I'm able to load up the bike and chase the warm weather and sunshine!

Rodney riding a S1000RR

Me on the S1000RR.

They say home is where the heart is. My heart is on the highway, and I'm lucky that I get to take my home with me. I believe they call that a "Win-Win." Or is that, "Win-Winnebago"?

As you can see, my life is a highway. Hey, that sounds like a good idea for a show. I have merged my passions for travel, RVing, motorcycles, video production and comedy all in one place on my YouTube channel, "My Life is a Highway."


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