Meet a Passionate Winnebago Owner Who Sells RVs for a Living 
Learn why this RV salesperson loves living and traveling in Winnebago vans.

By: GoLife Staff

We know our GoLife Community members are some of the most passionate RVers around, and we know many are responsible for selling their friends and family on the WinnebagoLife and brand as well. But it’s not very often that we hear about owners who turn their love for RVs into their career! When we heard about Kristina Shire’s story, we were excited to interview her to share more about her inspiring RV-focused lifestyle and unique insights. Special thanks to Kristina for sharing her story and photos with us!

About nine years ago, Kristina went to La Mesa RV to look for her next motorhome and it led to her also accepting one of their open sales positions. Her passion for RV travel and long sales background made her a perfect fit for the team and she has thrived in the role. Throughout her time in RV sales, she has also owned three Winnebago motorhomes and even lives in her van during the work week! 

Kristina not only has a current RV-focused lifestyle, but camping and RVing has actually been an ongoing theme throughout her life. “I’ve been camping literally since I was three months old!” Kristina shared enthusiastically. 

Her family was always camping during her childhood, and she even lived in a travel trailer in her twenties while saving up to buy her first house. Of course, she took her kids camping as well and loves that she is now able to share RVing with her grandchildren.

Finding an RV-Focused Career

When Kristina went to La Mesa RV to look for her next rig in 2015, she didn’t expect it to have such a huge impact on her long-term career. However, she was happy to accept the sales position and has never looked back.

Being an RVer who also sells RVs for a living is an ideal fit for Kristina. Since she has a commute to the La Mesa/RecVan dealership in Fremont from her home in Sacramento, she camps in her van on workdays then takes off on adventures on her days off. Kristina has definitely mastered the art of combining career and passion!

Being able to share her authentic RVing insights with customers has also been extremely helpful in assisting them in choosing the best RV for their travel style. She likes knowing her personal experiences can offer more to the RVers she connects with at work and on the road.

Why Winnebago & Why Van Life?

During her time at La Mesa, Kristina has paid attention to which RVs are in service for issues and she noted that Winnebago RVs don’t tend to be in the service bays as often. She has consistently chosen Winnebagos because of this as well as the company’s great reputation.

Kristina’s first Winnebago was a pre-owned Class C Spirit. This was an ideal setup at the time due to the open floorplan and a dinette that could accommodate a carseat for her grandchildren. Although she enjoyed it for multiple years, she sold it for a Solis Pocket once her travel style changed. 

She loves the Pocket floorplan and notes that “the size of it is just perfect.” Not only can you park it anywhere, but she also likes that it is ready to go for adventures. However, she couldn’t resist the flexibility of her newest RV purchase: the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon

Kristina loves this latest RV (her eighth!) because she can convert it from her ideal solo van life setup to a floorplan that can accommodate her grandkids. “I love that the modular design allows me to adjust the van to suit myself and also my family,” she noted.

Since Kristina usually stays in the van solo and camps in it near work three nights per week, she currently has the living space opened up to better meet her preferences. She also loves the versatility of the 4x4 since it allows her to get onto additional roads for exploring and camping. “I like that I get to utilize my van for all the uses it has,” she shared.

While the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon will now be her go-to RV for travel, she will be keeping her beloved Solis Pocket and plans to have it available as a rental in her backyard – which she has set up as a campsite! She is always thrilled to be able to share this great RV with others. Having the Solis Pocket available as a guest room or as an extra vehicle for family caravan trips is also ideal.

Kristina is excited to continue focusing her work, life, and travels around RVing. As for travel, she loves to explore along the coast and be near the ocean. She also wants to do a trip up to Alaska and is excited that the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon 4x4 capabilities will allow her to be more confident on the roads and in case of snow. Perhaps you’ll meet her out there on the road!

Do you have a very RV-focused lifestyle? Please share about it in the comments!


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User commented on December 4, 2023 5:01 PM
Kristina Shire's transition from RV enthusiast to successful RV salesperson is inspiring! Her story reflects a genuine love for the RV lifestyle, seamlessly blending work and passion. Camping since childhood, her extensive experience adds a unique perspective to her role. Choosing Winnebago based on reliability and minimal service needs, Kristina's insights are very useful. The adaptability of her Winnebago + Adventure Wagon showcases thoughtful design catering to diverse needs. Maintaining her Solis Pocket, Kristina actively shares the RV experience. Wishing her continued success and exciting adventures ahead!
User commented on December 18, 2023 3:03 PM
Kristina is an amazing adventurer whose love for camping and RVing runs in her veins. I have learned so much from her. She is is so knowledgeable and fun. Whether you are camping with her or purchasing a unit she has you covered!