I'm not a big fan of the word career. It sounds old and stuffy and like I should probably put on a smart pantsuit each morning, but in reality I stay in my pajamas until noon. What's the point of working from an RV if you don't abuse your powers by wearing sweats all day?

So while I may have a film "career," it could mostly be described as freelance or part-time work. It's the kind of work that hits right in the sweet spot: it pays enough for us to keep RVing, but gives us enough free time to enjoy traveling.

Most of the working full-timers we meet on the road these days have similar set-ups: they have a few clients, a couple products they sell online, and they make enough to keep them traveling. But all of our normal friends--you know, the ones with leases and mortgages and bills--they don't always understand how we could have "real jobs" AND live in an RV.

Heath working on his laptop at the RV dinetteHome office address: anywhere USA.

I understand why there are so many misconceptions about what it's like working from an RV. After all, from what I've heard, it's a fairly new concept mostly as a direct result from the Internet.

Since this is a little bit of a gray area, let me break down the three biggest misconceptions we hear about working from the RV.

1. You spend more time outside than you do working.

If you look at any RVers Instagram account, you'll definitely see way more photos of mountains, rivers, beaches and sunsets than you'll see of selfies taken in front of laptop screens. No one brags that they're parked lakefront, but stuck inside meeting a deadline for a project. We work 40-hour weeks just like everyone else. (But we probably enjoy it 10 times as much since we can work from anywhere in the country!)

2. You can't build your company from an RV.

If we didn't live in an RV, we would've missed out on multiple business opportunities. Since we work in film, the RV allows us to easily travel to our clients for shoots. We spent last winter in Santa Cruz, California and are spending this winter in Muscle Shoals, Alabama working with clients we couldn't serve if we were stuck back in Austin, Texas.

3. People won't take you seriously since you live in a trailer.

Living in an RV helps us stand out from the competition. When we tell potential clients that we live full-time in a Winnebago, it piques their interest. This past year, Heath spoke to multiple Fortune 500 companies explaining the different ways we work from the road.

Heath on stage at a speaking engagement.Turning a road adventure into a corporate presentation. Heath draws on his experience for a corporate motivational speech.

In some ways, living in an RV is the best thing for our career. It makes us memorable and lands us some pretty sweet gigs. No one forgets about meeting the 25-year-old newlyweds who live in a motorhome.



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