Heath Padgett, a Winnebago Brave owner, has started his own podcast called "The RV Entrepreneur." It is a weekly show designed to be a resource for people who are considering a more nomadic lifestyle, but are struggling to figure out how to build a remote income.

The podcast is sponsored by WinnebaGoLife, a lifestyle blog that offers original stories, photos and video of lifestyle, travel, gear and Winnebago products. Padgett, and his wife Alyssa are also contributors for GoLife.

"At 23 years old, I had no idea it was possible to travel full-time while also building a career and business from anywhere in the country," Padgett said. "It sounds like crazy talk, yet for the past 19 months, my wife and I have done exactly that."

The Padgetts began their RV entrepreneurial journey as newlyweds when they traveled to all 50 states to film a feature-length documentary. While making their way across the country, they were able to connect with other travelers and creative professionals who had found different ways to earn an income while traveling.

"We've met a lot of other people who have skipped out on the conventional "40 hour per week job and mortgage" lifestyle for something more adventurous," Padgett said. "These people aren't being reckless and throwing caution to the wind, but are actually being diligent: paying off debt, building online businesses, practicing minimalism and intentionally creating a nomadic lifestyle."

The podcast's first seven episodes feature a variety of guests who are location independent entrepreneurs. Content has been recognized by iTunes and has appeared in the new and noteworthy section. Interested listeners can access the podcast by visiting here.


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