We like to introduce you to a great new addition to GoLife. We've added a box that features recent Instagram photos posted by Winnebago owners and travelers.

You don't have to be a photographer or have an Instagram account to enjoy the daily stream of images people share with us. Some of these Instagrams now include short video segments, too.

What's striking is the wide range of shared adventures, scenery, food, pets, friends, and Winnebagos that appear on a daily basis. If you have an Instagram account (or decide to set one up - it's free), simply add the tag #winnebagolife to your photo or video and it will appear in our feed.

Here's just a few images that have inspired us, made us smile, and pulled out the atlas for future trip planning.

Winnebago Travato with sun setting over the mountains in the background.

Group of women sitting outside motorhomes.

Winnebago Travato parked in desert landscape.

Winnebago View under the stars with Northern Lights dancing through the sky.

Couple sitting on their motorhome looking out over landscape and water ahead.

Dog on owners lap looking out the driver side window of a motorhome.

Welcome to Idaho sign along the highway with a stuffed bumble bee on the dash.

Yummy looking breakfast dish.

Couple holding baby in the air smiling standing outside their motorhome.

Winnebago Trend taped up preparing to be painted.

Woman sitting looking out over a waterfall.

Old Winnebago motorhome parked alongside the road.

Person holding child on deck of a rustic looking building.

Woman working on a computer at motorhome dinette


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