We're very pleased to announce that WinnebagoLife is now available on Flipboard. Flipboard is the the most popular personalized magazine for tablets and smartphones and now, any kind of web browser on a laptop or desktop PC. Free downloads of Flipboard are available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.

While we will continue to add unique articles to the GoLife blog on a weekly basis, our Flipboard version will offer RV enthusiasts a daily mix of current and past GoLife articles.

Before we launched WinnebagoLife for Flipboard, we took a deep look at other RV themed Flip magazines. The ones that are out there are generally targeted for specific RV enthusiasts and full-timers. We know know that most RVers have a life off the road too. And that's why we're taking a much more adventurous approach in hand selecting articles, videos and photos from across the Internet on travel destinations, food, festivals, health, technology, finance and, of course, up-to-date RV news and tips.

Not familiar with Flipboard? Here's the scoop.

Since it was first launched on the iPad in 2010, Flipboard has grown to over 100 million active readers of which 250,000 to 300,000 use Flipboard each day. Those are some pretty amazing numbers for any kind of app and there's a good reason why.

Instead of clicking back and forth between web sites, entering passwords (like for Facebook), and searching up and down a long menu of favorites, Flipboard brings all the sites you like to regularly visit together in a brilliant magazine-like format.

Flipboard Tutorial diagram.

In one place you can scan your friends Facebook posts, view Instagrams, read your Twitter feeds, follow celebrities, fashion, cars, hobbies, etc., and get news from sources like CNN, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Custom "magazines" are constantly being added by Flipboard readers who have a passion for sharing their unique interests.

Where to learn more and download Flipboard?

Flipboard recently launched a desktop/laptop version for people who don't own tablets. You can immediately setup your own personalized account by going to the Flipboard web site.

If you have a tablet or smartphone, go to Flipboard's tutorial site by clicking here. They've got some short video demos and links to all the App stores where you can download the Flipboard app (again -- it's free!).

The tutorial will show you how you can search for and follow content with your own personalized collection of sites and magazines.

To follow (subscribe) to GoLife, do the following:

  • From the Flipboard main screen, look for the magnifying glass (search box) at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the search box and type in winnebagolife (lower case is fine)
  • You should see WinnebagoLife come up as the Top Result
  • Tap on WinnebagoLife and the magazine will appear on your screen
  • On the top left of your screen you'll see a "Follow" button. Tap on it to subscribe.


Flipboard Screen Shot with Winnebago Industries in the search bar.

That's it! Now, WinnebagoLife will show up on your Flipboard tiles each time you open the app and will automatically update as new stories appear. As you become more comfortable with using Flipboard you'll find it very easy to rearrange the order of your magazine tiles as your interests grow and change.



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