RV Show season rolls around each fall, and continues through winter. There are the shows that you may have heard of: Hershey, Pennsylvania; Pomona California; Tampa, Florida. Heck, even the big "industry only" show in Louisville happens in the late fall. But the good news is that no matter where you are across the country, there will be an RV show near you this fall or winter. This time of year is always kind of fun for me -- mostly because I'm an RV nerd. But even if you don't run your own RV website, you should make it out to an RV show this season. Here are some of the reasons why.

1.You can see all the RVs you want in one place

If you're in the market, an RV show is the best place to comparison shop RVs. You'll never find as many rigs from different makers under one roof as you will at an RV show. You can save time, save gas, and save yourself the aggravation driving from dealer to dealer, because they're all in one place. And if you've already narrowed your choices down to a couple or three models, odds are, they'll all be at the show. You can go back and forth between them as often as you like in minutes.

Stef walking along product display.

And even if you're not looking to purchase a new RV right now, an RV show is a great way to take a pulse on what's out there for your next rig. You can see what features are being included next year, which ones are being dropped, and which manufacturer is headed in which direction. When the time does roll around for you to purchase, you'll be all the better armed.

2. You can learn a lot more in person than you can online

You can only learn so much from looking at pictures and floorplans online. The internet will get you pretty far, but it won't tell you if you're going to have enough elbow room in the shower, if you can deal with a bed that short, or if the fresh water tank is underneath the vehicle or inside (one I always check for). These are the kind of things you just need to see for yourself. The good news, of course, is that if you bang your head getting out of the bed in Model X... then Model Y is just steps away.

James on the ground looking at the underside of an RV.

And if you're completely over-zealous, like I tend to get -- the indoor RV shows are even better. You can crawl underneath the RVs without having to sweat it out in a gravel parking lot. Bonus!

3. You can talk directly to the factory reps

Sometimes, you just need the answer straight from the horse's mouth. Most of the RV shows will have representatives from the various manufacturers right there -- talking to the public and answering questions. Do you want to know why Brand A has gone to multiplex wiring throughout their product line, but Brand B still wires things traditionally? Ask! Are the "full body paint" options on two models basically equivalent, or does one have twice as many coats of paint? Ask!

I've actually asked these, and other, even more nitpicky questions at RV shows. Every factory rep I've run across has done their best to answer my questions. They'll do the same for you, trust me.

4. You can take advantage of the seminars

You never know, you might learn something new. Almost all of the RV shows will have seminars given by RV industry experts. You should attend one, even if you think you know everything. I've attended a "12 volt basics" seminar, even when I was sure there was nothing I would learn. Of course, I was wrong. I can usually pick up at least one new nugget of knowledge each time I attend a seminar.

James and Stef giving a seminar.

If you're a new RVer, the information in these sessions can be worth far more than the price of admission. This is especially true if that information keeps you from blowing out the electrical system or bursting the piping in your new RV.

And the next time you're at an RV show, you may want to check out a seminar on a topic you might not normally consider. For example, Healthy and Safe RVing. You might pick up tips on how to use exercise to keep you safe on the road. You might pick up some ideas for healthy RV snacks, or super effective and RV-friendly fitness equipment. You might find that it's led by the most fabulously attractive and nicest RVing fitness diva ever (and her slightly nerdy husband). Just sayin...

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