It seems like it was a blink of an eye when we launched GoLife while there was still snow on the ground early last March. Over the months we've seen tens of thousands of new and (happily) returning visitors to the site.

The GoLife mission is to add interest, inspiration and information to your Winnebago life. And now that we've got thousands of miles and words under our belt we're getting ready to take our next planned steps to make GoLife even better.

In early 2015 you'll see some changes. We're going to make some simple adjustments that will help making content easier to find. And, we'll be introducing a calendar that will be a fantastic resource for you to find events, shows, and trips all in one place.

Behind the scenes I'd like to welcome Maggie Hughes to the team. Maggie has come on board as Winnebago's full-time social media and marketing specialist. Maggie is a second generation Winnebago employee and brings with her an impressive suite of digital skills with a fresh millennial perspective. Soon enough you'll start to see the GoLife world expand more in Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Maggie wearing a GoPro camera on her head.Ready for action. Maggie tries on her new GoPro.

One of Maggie's first suggestions was to change the flow of content to the site. When we first launched GoLife we structured our editorial calendar around a once-a-month update. Well, that was so early 21st century! Starting immediately, we'll be posting stories and articles to the site throughout the month.

We'll also be adding some other voices to GoLife to make sure that we keep the same sense of discovery and excitement in our digital world as you experience out on the highways and by-ways of Winnebago nation. There's more to come on that, so keep watching this spot for upcoming introductions.



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