Travel Trailer Mods for a Toddler-Friendly RV Trip
Tips for a safer and more comfortable camping trip with a small child.

By: Dom Carson

Having our daughter was a big reason why we decided to get our 2022 Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH back in 2022. I wanted something that I could easily take her out in on my own and something that would provide some more security against animals than just our tent (read more about how I make sure our solo trips are safe here). These past two summers with our Winnebago Mico Minnie travel trailer have been so great for our family for so many reasons.

Why I love having my Winnebago Micro Minnie for traveling with our daughter: 

  • Safety: Having a towable means that we can travel with our daughter safely and securely in her car seat in the truck.
  • Comfort: In our trailer, our daughter has her own sleeping area, familiar toys, and belongings, which helps her have a grounding point when we travel.
  • Convenience: We love having everything that we need with us. A kitchen, bathroom, and all the storage space makes it so easy for us.

Gear & Mods That Make Our Travel Trailer More Toddler-Friendly

That being said, we did make some modifications to make our travel trailer a bit more kid-friendly. Here are some mods that we did and also some things that we bring along to make our travels in our Winnebago Micro Minnie safer and more comfortable for us and our toddler. 

1. Bunk Railings

First things first, we built some bunk railings on both bunks so that we could rest easy knowing our toddler wouldn’t roll out of the bunk at nighttime. She was already over a year and a half when we got our trailer, so we felt comfortable with railings that didn’t go all the way up.

On our old trailer, we had made and installed full height railing so that she couldn't climb up them and accidentally tumble out as a baby. But we are confident enough in her now that she wouldn’t do that, and these railings mostly serve the purpose that she won't accidentally roll out of bed at night when she's sleeping. 

Here is how we added the bunk railings to the Winnebago Micro Minnie trailer:

(Note: Any modifications made to your RV are at your own risk. These are instructions from an owner, not directly from Winnebago.)

Materials needed (this is enough for both the top and bottom bunk)

  • 2 1x3x8 foot pine boards
  • 1 1x4x8 foot pine board
  • 4 drawer pulls
  • Screws (1.5 inch #8 wood screws)

Bunk railing instructions: 

  • Cut 4 pieces of 1x3 at 31.5 inches.
  • Cut 4 pieces of 1x3 at 12 inches.
  • Cut 2 pieces of 1x4 at 35 inches.
  • Remove existing faceboards from bunks and replace with the 35-inch pieces of 1x4 to give more support for the rails.
  • Using two 31.5-inch pieces and two 12-inch pieces, assemble the railings. We spaced the uprights 15 inches apart and then ran the top horizontal rail at the top of the uprights and the second horizontal rail is spaced 3.75 inches down.
  • Install the drawer pulls into the 1x4s.
  • Slide the rails into place.

Once our daughter is asleep on the bottom bunk, we just slide the railing into the pulls and don’t have to worry about her rolling out at night! The top railing is also nice to ensure that anything we store on the top bunk while driving doesn’t fall off. 

2. Torklift Stairs

Our toddler had trouble reaching up to the bottom step to climb up the factory stairs into our trailer, so when Torklift reached out to send us some new stairs, I was thrilled. They have been such a game changer for us, our daughter, and our dogs. She can get in and out of the trailer with ease now and I love them so much. She’s so much safer navigating the stairs now. The glow in the dark feature is also a game changer! 

3. Solar

We rely on our stock trailer solar system for so many things when it comes to traveling with our daughter. It keeps her portable sound machine charged (which is so necessary) and other electronics. We love having the option to turn lights on if needed and keep our cell phones and emergency devices charged. 

Note: Many Winnebago RVs have solar as a standard option. However, if you'd like to add more or look into other eco-friendly solutions, GoLife Perks members can save 10% on EcoFlow Products. Learn more.

4. Other Helpful Toddler-Specific Gear

In order to make our trailer safer and more comfortable for us and our daughter, we also bring along these additional items: 

  • Portable rechargeable sound machine.
  • Portable audio baby monitor (so we can hear if she wakes up when we are sitting out by the fire).
  • Washable rugs. These help make the floor less slippery for new walkers.

We found that by making sure we had those things above it made each trip more enjoyable. Here are some other things you could purchase and bring along:

  • Toilet latches
  • Cabinet latches
  • Outlet covers
  • Sharp corner covers

There are more great tips in this guide to RVing with a baby that are relevant for young kids as well.

Safety is so important to me, especially when we are traveling with our daughter. I want her to enjoy our trips and to feel comfortable. I love that we have our trailer and it’s just an extension of our home now. It’s so easy to quickly pack up and go and know that she will be safe and that we have everything that we need. As she gets older, we will transition her to the top bunk and likely build a removable ladder so that she can easily climb up and down on her own. I love that the trailer can grow with us.

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas of things that you could do if you’re adventuring in your trailer with young kids!


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