So RVers where's the largest RV show in the world? Is it the California show in Pomona? Hershey, Pennsylvania? The Super Show in Tampa, Florida? Well it's: "D". . . .none of the above.

The largest RV show in the world is held at the end of every August in Dusseldorf, Germany. It's called the Caravan Salon and accurately bills itself as "The world's largest trade fair for motor homes and caravans." The stats on the show are crazy. Last year 170,000 attended. This year there will be 500 exhibitors and 2,000 RVs from small trailers to well, for Europe, large Class A's. The math is compelling. If you spent only five minutes at each display it would take over 40 hours to get through the show!

Crowd of people gathered among RVs at Caravan Salon 2014.

But wait. . .there's more. The grounds offer up 3,500 serviced and non-serviced parking spaces for up to 60,000 attendees who will stay in their own RVs while attending the show.

Every year Winnebago sends a team of managers, engineers, and executives to attend the show and their exploration and discovery of new ideas and products often finds their way across the Atlantic and onto dealer lots.

Two of the company's hottest selling lines, the Travato and Era, and the View/Navion have a deep European heritage starting with their Fiat-Chrysler and Mercedes based chassis. Over the years, more than any other American RV manufacturer, Winnebago as brought many of the best ideas and products the European market offers and adapted them to American RVing.

Caravan Salon map of the event.

This year WinnebagoLife will be taking you on the floor in our quest for new ideas, trends, and insights. You can learn more about the the Caravan Salon by clicking here plus check out their YouTube channel by clicking here.


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